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Why would my payment not be made if I received email confirmation that it was all set up?

Google Wallet and Apple Pay are both more widely accepted, but we are still years away from mobile payments in all major stores, if we ever get there at all.

If paying with your phone is very important to you, check out which merchants accept mobile payments before you upgrade your phone.

Office hours are from am - pm, Monday through Friday.

All checks must be made payable to "Director of Finance." See below to determine where to send your payment: Account information is available through our automated telephone system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except during maintenance.

From AM ET – AM ET on Sunday, August 27, we will be performing planned maintenance. You will need the following information to use the automated phone service: Online check payments can be made over the phone.

All online payment systems and IVR payments will be unavailable during this period. Baltimore City now offers customers the ability to pay online via credit card or a personal/business checking account. Please have your checking account number and routing number ready. Please call the City's payment processing service, ACI Worldwide at 1-866-397-4609.

Apple has a list of stores that accept Apple Pay, and if you have an Android phone with NFC, you can use Google Wallet anywhere Master Card Pay Pass is accepted.

For more in-depth analysis, check out Sharon Profis' experience with NFC mobile payments.

But even though we have Google Wallet, Apple Pay and, soon, Samsung Pay, there are still many phones lacking NFC and the other internal tech that makes mobile payments possible.

If that's the case with your smartphone, you don't need to upgrade to make payments on the fly.

With Pay Pal, Level Up and Square Order, you're limited by where you can use them.


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