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Zuckerberg’s implication is that Facebook’s new approach to privacy is reactive rather than proactive: people want to share their everyday lives with the world, and Facebook is simply enabling that activity.

There’s no doubt that the web has shown us the benefits of public sharing, from Flickr’s decision to make public the default setting on its photo-sharing site to Twitter’s emphasis on sharing your thoughts with the world.

Gone but not forgotten were the words she used and as she got back to Kampala, the mom of five told whoever cared to know that she was having sleepless nights following her mother who was not well.

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Zari's mom died this morning at Nakasero Hospital where she has been hospitalized for close to a month.

Over the weekend, Zari was in Kayunga to visit the grave of Ivan Semwanga.

My masters – and they were almost exclusively male – had dedicated virtually their entire working lives to the place, Mr Chips style.

The Chained To The Rhythm singer opted for a full on short blonde cut, a la Miley Cyrus after news broke she and Orlando had decided on an amicable split.

Same with Drake, as he reigns on the male side of things.

In fact, so much so, there were 2 music videos released for this hit single. Rihanna is at the top of the totem pole when it comes to pop and R&B, there is absolutely no denying her talents and beauty.Debuting the edgy look on Instagram, she posted two videos to show off her cut in motion.This dramatic cut comes after Katy and Orlando Bloom broke hearts by announcing that they had split in a joint statement on Tuesday, just two days after appearing all coupled up at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party.Ads Zari explained that she has to appear strong now that everyone in the family looks up to her including the kids, so breaking down will mean that every other person follows suit.While on holiday, the couple went through a lot of pampering plus lots of activities ranging from jet skiing and boat cruise among others and all this was to try and occupy Zari's mind to forget the past problems that have been eating her up lately.The two danced real sexy as she seductively tugged on his jacket. The two were sighted at The Nice Guy, an exclusive club in Los Angeles, dancing the night away.

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