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But we had very, very small ambitions.” So small they sometimes filmed in the yard outside the Funny or Die offices or in a spot they called the Shed—“a shitty, weird little space on this side street in deepest, grossest Hollywood,” remembers Hamm, who shot his first Fo D video there nearly a decade ago.

“I was like, wow, we’re , starring Johnny Depp), advertising and branded-content divisions for clients like Under Armour and Kia, and a newly established Washington, DC, office satirizing politics and trying to shape public policy.

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Now, through these never-before-published interviews, you can experience the inside, behind-the-scenes, secret and shocking back story behind that magical moment. He said, “Roll on the tunnel, make sure we get our ingest station rolling on the tunnel, we think someone might have an interesting reaction.” The funny thing is we thought Chris Baker or Jay Gruden might have a crazy reaction; we didn’t really think it would be Cousins.

In the tunnel, reporter and CSN post-game point man Tarik El-Bashir announced that all Redskins players were off the field.

“The spirit of it was, ‘Let’s just screw around,’” recalls Adam Mc Kay, the onetime ).

“We thought we’d tell our friends about it, and maybe it would be a little comedy clubhouse, where people like Zach Galifianakis and Paul Rudd will want to do stuff.

They also patented a lifestyle built around the sport and the spirit of scaling steep cliffs, sheer rock faces, and impossibly pitched verticals.

All under the influence of the California sun, the psychedelic sounds of the 1970s (especially Jimi Hendrix), and copious amounts of cheap, green reefer.When they win, it’s, “Y’all didn’t believe in us” or whatever, something like that.So I’m just standing there, minding my own business, gathering my thoughts for a post-game spot, and Cousins is walking along, and then he just goes berserk. Obviously, after the way we played and the way we came back, a lot of adrenaline pumping.They were known as the Stonemasters, and they would last roughly a decade, from 1970 to 1980, blasting rock ‘n’ roll music, partying around campfires (“there was always a crazy amount of girls around”), and making insane first ascents through Yosemite National Park (and later the world).By decade’s end, the world would change and catch-up, their influence would endure through a many billion-dollar adventure sports industry, but that magic time in the forest couldn’t last forever.As the site enters the age of Trump, we asked its founders and fans to reveal the smashes, near crashes, and highfalutin fart jokes that helped it become one of the sharpest, funniest forces in pop culture.

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