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For me it just shows how he can apply his vocal style across so many genres.Fitting disco, grunge, electro, blues, Spaghetti Western and U2’esque moments all on one album, might be too much for some.

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I follow just one arbitrary rule: that no artist may be listed twice.

I made similar lists in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 20.

" Kate Bush, "Kashka From Baghdad" The Butchies, "She's So Lovely" Bernard Butler, "Bare With Me" Bernard Butler, "Evermore" Bernard Butler, "Hotel Splendide" Butterfly Joe, "Don't Do This To Me Baby" David Byrne, "Now I'm Your Mom" Kevin Cahoon & Ghetto Cowboy, "Doll" Brandi Carlile, "Josephine" Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, "Nashville Parthenon" Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, "Old Panda Days" Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, "Easy Money" Cazwell, "All Over Your Face" The Chalets, "Gay Holiday" China Crisis, "Wishful Thinking" Chumbawamba, "Homophobia" City Riots, "Here For The Weekend" Coco Rosie, "Beautiful Boyz" Coco Rosie, "Madonna" Coco Rosie, "Rainbowarriors" Paula Cole, "Hush, Hush, Hush" Edwyn Collins, "Gorgeous George" The Communards, "Disenchanted" The Communards, "Never Can Say Goodbye" Jayne County & the Electric Chairs, "Man Enough To Be A Woman" CSS, "Meeting Paris Hilton" Cursive, "Bad Sects" The Dandy Warhols, "Boys Better" Dangerous Muse, "Give Me Danger" Dangerous Muse, "The Rejection" Das Pop, "Bye Bisexual Boy" The Dead Milkmen, "Sarah Jane" The Dead Milkmen, "Stuart" Dead or Alive, "Big Daddy of the Rhythm" Death Cab For Cutie, "Brothers on a Hotel Bed" The Decemberists, "On The Bus Mall" The Decemberists, "The Soldiering Life" Deerhunter, "Fluorescent Grey" Depeche Mode, "Boys Say Go! " Indochine, "Marilyn" Indochine, "Play Boy" Indochine, "Stef II" Indochine, "Un Homme Dans La Bouche" Jack Off Jill, "Girl Scout" Jack Off Jill, "Vivica" Joe Jackson, "A Slow Song" Joe Jackson, "Fairy Dust" Joe Jackson, "Real Men" James, "Homeboy" Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, "Baby Blue" Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, "Everyone Knows" Jellyfish, "He's My Best Friend" Jellyfish, "Joining a Fan Club" Holly Johnson, "Legendary Children (All Of Them Queer)" Jónsi, "Boy Lilikoi" Jónsi, "Sinking Friendships" Judas Priest, "Raw Deal" Junior Senior, "Can I Get Get Get" Junior Senior, "Chicks and Dicks" Kaiser Chiefs, "My Kind Of Guy" Ryan Kamstra, "Forever Skinny Boy" The Karelia, "Love's A Cliché" The Killers, "Andy, You're A Star" The Killers, "Where The White Boys Dance" Kaki King, "Jessica" Kaki King, "Sunnyside" King Adora, "Asthmatic" King Adora, "Boy For Rent" King Adora, "Drag" King Missile, "Gay/Not Gay" The Kinks, "Lola" The Kinks, "Out Of The Wardrobe" Kitchens of Distinction, "4 Men" Kitchens of Distinction, "Breathing Fear" Kitchens of Distinction, "On Tooting Broadway Station" Kitchens of Distinction, "Prize" The Knife, "Handy-Man" Lady Gaga, "Poker Face" Lady Gaga, "So Happy I Could Die" Ladytron, "Ladybird" Larrikin Love, "Six Queens" Le Sport, "If Neil Tennant Was My Lover" Le Sport, "Show Me Your Penis" Le Sport, "Your Brother Is My Only Hope" Le Tigre, "Viz" Leæther Strip, "I Want You Hard" Leftover Crack, "Gay Rude Boys Unite" Jens Lekman, "A Postcard to Nina" The Lemonheads, "Big Gay Heart" Lesbian Bed Death, "Goth Girls Are Easy" The Libertines, "Can't Stand Me Now" The Libertines, "Dilly Boys" The Libertines, "Last Post On The Bugle" Ivri Lider, "Jesse" Limp Wrist, "I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore" Limp Wrist, "Punk Ass Queers" Live, "Heropsychodreamer" Living Colour, "Bi" The Long Blondes, "Once and Never Again" Mary Lou Lord, "Some Jingle Jangle Morning (When I'm Straight)" The Lords of Acid, "Pussy" Los Campesinos! , "Miserabilia" Luxembourg, "Close-Cropped" Timo Maas, "Pictures" The Magnetic Fields, "Acoustic Guitar" The Magnetic Fields, "Candy" The Magnetic Fields, "Drive On, Driver" The Magnetic Fields, "I Thought You Were My Boyfriend" The Magnetic Fields, "I Wish I Had An Evil Twin" The Magnetic Fields, "Rats in the Garbage of the Western World" The Magnetic Fields, "Too Drunk To Dream" The Magnetic Fields, "Underwear" The Magnetic Fields, "When My Boy Walks Down The Street" The Magnetic Fields, "You and Me and the Moon" Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, "Craw Song" Manic Street Preachers, "Born a Girl" Manic Street Preachers, "Nobody Loved You" Mansun, "Being A Girl" Mansun, "The Chad Who Loved Me" Mansun, "Dark Mavis" Mansun, "Drastic Sturgeon" Mansun, "Stripper Vicar" Khaela Maricich, "Girl In The Sky" Marvelous 3, "Grant Park" Marvelous 3, "Katrina" The Mavis's, "Do You Have A Brother?

T, "She/Male" ac acoustics, "Crush" The Academy Is..., "Sleeping With Giants (Lifetime)" Acid House Kings, "This Heart Is A Stone" AFI, "Love Like Winter" Agent Ribbons, "Chelsea, Let's Go Join The Circus" Aiden, "Teenage Queen" Lily Allen, "Fag Hag" Allister, "Jacob" Alkaline Trio, "Queen of Pain" The Aluminum Group, "The Mattachine Society" The Aluminum Group, "Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes" The Aluminum Group, "We're Both Hiding" Tori Amos, "Not The Red Baron" Tori Amos, "Raspberry Swirl" Tori Amos, "Riot Poof" Tori Amos, "She's Your Cocaine" Tori Amos, "Taxi Ride" Antony & the Johnsons, "For Today I Am A Boy" Antony & The Johnsons, "I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy" The Ark, "Father of a Son" The Ark, "The Most Radical Thing To Do" The Ark, "The Others" Asobi Seksu, "Goodbye" The Associates, "Stephen, You're Really Something" Athens Boys Choir, "Fagette" Melissa Auf der Maur, "Lightning Is My Girl" Charles Aznavour, "What Makes A Man A Man" Devendra Banhart, "Bad Girl" Devendra Banhart, "I Love That Man" The Beatles, "Polythene Pam" Beautiful South, "101% Man" Beirut, "Cliquot" Belle & Sebastian, "Jonathan David" Belle & Sebastian, "Lazy Line Painter Jane" Belle & Sebastian, "Lord Anthony" Belle & Sebastian, "Mary Jo" Belle & Sebastian, "Seeing Other People" Belle & Sebastian, "She's Losing It" Belle & Sebastian, "This Is Just A Modern Rock Song" Belle & Sebastian, "Wrapped Up In Books" Bikini Kill, "Don't Need You" Bikini Kill, "R. P." Bikini Kill, "Rebel Girl" The Birthday Party, "Sonny's Burning" Bis, "Photoshop" Bis, "Poster Parent" Bitch and Animal, "Best Cock on the Block" Bitch and Animal, "Drag King Bar" Robin Black, "Some Of You Boys (And Most Of You Girls)" Black Kids, "Hurricane Jane" Black Kids, "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" Guy Blackman & Jens Lekman, "A Dark And Quiet Place" Blaqk Audio, "Wake Up, Open the Door, and Escape to the Sea" Bloc Party, "I Still Remember" Bloc Party, "Kreuzberg" Bloc Party, "Plans" Blondie, "Sunday Girl" Blur, "Dancehall" Blur, "Girls and Boys" Book of Love, "Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls" Simon Bookish, "Carbon" David Bowie, "All The Young Dudes" David Bowie, "Boys Keep Swinging" David Bowie, "Hallo Spaceboy" David Bowie, "The Jean Genie" David Bowie, "John, I'm Only Dancing" David Bowie, "Lady Stardust" David Bowie, "Queen Bitch" David Bowie, "Rebel Rebel" David Bowie, "Time" David Bowie, "The Width of a Circle" Billy Bragg, "Sexuality" Billy Bragg, "Tender Comrade" Billy Bragg, "Trust" Jay Brannan, "At First Sight" Jay Brannan, "Housewife" Jay Brannan, "Half-Boyfriend" Bratmobile, "Girlfriends Don't Keep" Bratmobile, "Panik" The Bravery, "An Honest Mistake" Bright Eyes, "Lover I Don't Have To Love" Bright Eyes, "Poison Oak" British Sea Power, "Down On The Ground" Broken Social Scene, "I'm Still Your Fag" Bronski Beat, "Smalltown Boy" Bronski Beat, "Why? Pussy" Gavin Friday, "Saint Divine" Futon, "Gay Boy" Garbage, "Androgyny" Garbage, "Bleed Like Me" Garbage, "Cherry Lips" Chris Garneau, "Dirty Night Clowns" Gay For Johnny Depp, "Kill All The Cool Kids" Gene, "Left-Handed" Gene, "Olympian" Gentleman Reg, "The Boyfriend Song" Gentleman Reg, "Don't Bring Me Down" Gentleman Reg, "Untouchable" Girls, "Lust For Life" Girls Against Boys, "Freaks" Girlyman, "Genevieve" Girlyman, "Hey Rose" Gogol Bordello, "Greencard Husband" Good Books, "Alice" The Gossip, "Dressed In Black" The Gossip, "Men In Love" The Gossip, "Standing In The Way Of Control" The Gossip, "Where The Girls Are" Gotye, "Night Drive" Gravy Train!!!! , "You Made Me Gay" Green Day, "Basket Case" Green Day, "Coming Clean" Green Day, "King For A Day" Paul Grenier, "Fall For Me" Grizzly Bear, "Plans" Groovie Ghoulies, "She Gets All The Girls" Gym Class Heroes, "Faces in the Hall" Cassidy Haley, "Whiskey in Churches" Handbags at Dawn, "Gonzo" Ben Harper, "Mama's Got A Girlfriend Now" PJ Harvey, "The Garden" PJ Harvey, "My Beautiful Leah" Sophie B. Hawkins, "Sweetsexywoman" Darren Hayes, "A Hundred Challenging Things A Boy Can Do" Darren Hayes, "Love And Attraction" Darren Hayes, "Unlovable" The Hazzards, "Gay Boyfriend" Heartkore, "Monsters" Heavenly, "She and Me" Heavenly, "Trophy Girlfriend" Heavens To Betsy, "Me And Her" Hello Saferide, "My Best Friend" Her Space Holiday, "A Match Made In Texas" The Hidden Cameras, "Ban Marriage" The Hidden Cameras, "Boys of Melody" The Hidden Cameras, "Builds The Bone" The Hidden Cameras, "Breathe On It" The Hidden Cameras, "He Is The Boss Of Me" The Hidden Cameras, "The Man That I Am With My Man" The Hidden Cameras, "Music Is My Boyfriend" The Hidden Cameras, "Smells Like Happiness" The Hidden Cameras, "We Oh We" Missy Higgins, "Scar" Missy Higgins, "Secret" Hole, "She Walks On Me" Hole, "Skinny Little Bitch" Huggy Bear, "Pansy Twist" Humousexual, "Punk Rock Boy" Hunter Valentine, "Break This" Hunter Valentine, "Jimmy Dean" Hunter Valentine, "Staten Island Dream Tour" IAMX, "The Negative Sex" IAMX, "Sailor" Imperial Teen, "You're One" Indochine, "3eme Sexe" Indochine, "Canary Bay" Indochine, "Les Silences de Juliette" Indochine, "Mao Boy!

, "My Boyfriend Writes Plays" Parenthetical Girls, "Unmentionables" The Passionistas, "Going Gay" Peaches, "Boys Wanna Be Her" Peaches, "I U She" Peaches, "Two Guys (For Every Girl)" Katy Perry, "I Kissed A Girl" Pet Shop Boys, "Can You Forgive Her? M., "7 Chinese Bros." The Radio Dept., "Keen On Boys" The Raincoats, "Only Loved At Night" Rammstein, "Mann gegen Mann" Anthony Rapp, "Just Some Guy" Rediscover, "Do You Think" Lou Reed, "Coney Island Baby" Lou Reed, "Halloween Parade" Lou Reed, "Kill Your Sons" Lou Reed, "Make Up" Lou Reed, "Oh Jim" Lou Reed, "Rock Minuet" Lou Reed, "Walk on the Wild Side" Lou Reed & John Cale, "Small Town" Reel Big Fish, "She Has A Girlfriend Now" The Replacements, "Androgynous" Rockettothesky, "Barrie for Billy Mackenzie" The Rolling Stones, "Cocksucker Blues" Tom Rosenthal, "1868" Rough Trade, "High School Confidential" Saving Jane, "Autumn & Me" Scissor Sisters, "Electrobix" Scissor Sisters, "Filthy/Gorgeous" Scissor Sisters, "She's My Man" Scissor Sisters, "Take Your Mama" Scissor Sisters, "Tits on the Radio" Screeching Weasel, "I Wanna Be A Homosexual" Semi Precious Weapons, "Magnetic Baby" Semi Precious Weapons, "Rock n' Roll Never Looked So Beautiful" Semi Precious Weapons, "Taste" Pete Shelley, "Homosapien" The Shins, "Phantom Limb" Shiny Toy Guns, "Le Disko" Shiny Toy Guns, "Weather Girl" Shudder To Think, "Hot One" Shudder To Think, "Tony Told Me" Si Señor, "Do You Like Boys? T.u., "Malchik Gay" Talking Heads, "The Girls Want To Be With The Girls" Team Dresch, "Fagetarian and Dyke" Team Dresch, "I'm Illegal" Team Dresch, "Music Fanzine" Team Dresch, "Uncle Phranc" Team Gina, "Butch/Femme" Team Smile And Nod, "The Party" Team Smile And Nod, "Scrooge" Team Smile And Nod, "So Damn Good" Tegan and Sara, "Hell" Tegan and Sara, "Here I Am" Tegan and Sara, "I Was Married" Vienna Teng, "City Hall" Vienna Teng, "Unwritten Letter #1" Terrorvision, "Josephine" that dog., "He's Kissing Christian" Therapy?

" Pet Shop Boys, "It's A Sin" Pet Shop Boys, "Metamorphosis" Pet Shop Boys, "The Night I Fell In Love" Pet Shop Boys, "Sexy Northerner" Phranc, "Bulldagger Swagger" The Pipettes, "I Like A Boy In Uniform (School Uniform)" Placebo, "2468" Placebo, "Battle For The Sun" Placebo, "Broken Promise" Placebo, "Bruise Pristine" Placebo, "Burger Queen" Placebo, "Kangaroo Died" Placebo, "Lady Of The Flowers" Placebo, "My Sweet Prince" Placebo, "Nancy Boy" Placebo, "Spite and Malice" Placebo, "Then The Clouds Will Open For Me" Plushgun, "Dancing In A Minefield" Poe, "A Rose Is A Rose" Poi Dog Pondering, "Sandra At The Beach" The Presets, "If I Know You" The Presets, "This Boy's In Love" Pretty Balanced, "Floating" Protest the Hero, "Fear and Loathing in Laramie" Propagandhi, "Homophobes Are Just Pissed 'Cause They Can't Get Laid" The Psychedelic Furs, "Pretty In Pink" Pulp, "Do You Remember The First Time? " Si Señor, "My Best Friend Is Gay" Sigue Sigue Sputnik, "She's My Man" Skunk Anansie, "Black Skin Sexuality" Skunk Anansie, "Secretly" Skunk Anansie, "She's My Heroine" Sleater-Kinney, "Buy Her Candy" Sleater-Kinney, "One More Hour" The Smiths, "A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours" The Smiths, "Handsome Devil" The Smiths, "I Want The One I Can't Have" The Smiths, "Reel Around The Fountain" The Smiths, "Sheila Take A Bow" The Smiths, "This Charming Man" The Smiths, "Vicar in a Tutu" The Smiths, "William, It Was Really Nothing" The Smittens, "Doomed, Lo-Fi And In Love" The Smittens, "My Girl" The Smittens, "Nate Is Straight" Sneaker Pimps, "The Fuel" Jill Sobule, "I Kissed A Girl" Jill Sobule, "I Saw A Cop" Jill Sobule, "Under The Disco Ball" Jill Sobule, "Underdog Victorious" Soft Cell, "L'Esqualita" Soft Cell, "Secret Life" Soft Cell, "Sex Dwarf" Sohodolls, "Stripper" Sonic Generator, "The First Time Around" Sonic Youth, "Androgynous Mind" Sonic Youth, "Reena" Sonic Youth, "Star Power" Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows, "In der Palästra" Spacehog, "Adam and Steve" Spacehog, "Space is the Place" Regina Spektor, "Somedays" Spoon, "The Two Sides Of Monsieur Valentine" Dusty Springfield, "Beautiful Soul" Ssion, "The Woman" Standstill, "I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus" Kinnie Starr, "Ophelia" Kinnie Starr, "Praise! , "He's Not That Kind Of Girl" Third Eye Blind, "Jumper" Third Eye Blind, "One In Ten" Throwing Muses, "Vicky's Box" Tilly and the Wall, "Bad Education" Tilly and the Wall, "Nights of the Living Dead" Tinyfolk, "Before Our Beards Were Long" Tinyfolk, "Wandlight" TNT Jackson, "You and My Pearldiver" Tom Robinson Band, "Glad To Be Gay" Tom Boy, "OK2BGAY" Tomboyfriend, "Almost/Always" Tomboyfriend, "End Of Poverty" Tomboyfriend, "Goldfinch Gluespoo" Emilíana Torrini, "Today Has Been OK" Pete Townshend, "And I Moved" Pete Townshend, "Rough Boys" Trash Palace, "The Metric System" Travis, "As You Are" Tubeway Army, "Jo the Waiter" Turbonegro, "Sailor Man" Type O Negative, "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" U2, "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" U2, "Twilight" U2, "Until the End of the World" Underworld, "Born Slippy .His vocal style has now evolved in to something so rich that listening to it is like curling up in your favourite (if you have one) blanket.On ‘Blues Funeral’ he seems to steer away from purer Blues/Country sounds I’ve heard on his other solo work and produces, what some might say, is a scattergun of styles.We try to do just two things well: finding good songs, and writing about them.We don't mess about with tour-dates, videos or advertising. twitter - poe ea Poccea - Bears Chris Taylor launched a label: Terrible Records.

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