Passive agressive behavior in dating a woman

If you’re not sure if you or your partner is exhibiting passive-aggressiveness, here is a short list of some of the ways it can manifest between two people: Silent treatment.

Rather than dealing with or expressing thoughts and emotions (like anger) you go silent.

Because you’re not just looking at symptoms in what the other person is doing -- you can also pay attention to what you experience.

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Lead by example: Take responsibility for your own actions.

Admit your role in the dance--the ways your partner may feel intimidated by your more overt aggression.

Response Passive-aggressive communication seeks to control the emotions of others and thereby, control their behavior.

Typically, this communication style seeks to express anger in an indirect manner.

I'm sure you've dealt with individuals who have caused you to be so frustrated that afterwards you scratch your head asking "Am I crazy?

" Most likely you just had an encounter with a passive-aggressive person.

If you express your frustration with him, he may feel wronged.

He may even say to himself, "I'm doing my best to be nice and agreeable, but she doesn't seem to get this.

He acts in seemingly agreeable ways, but he adds a little mean twist to his behavior that frustrates you.

For example, you ask him to do something for the house that needs to happen by a certain date.

You must be doing something different" as well as sarcasm disguised as a compliment "Oh, I hear you've managed to pull off another miracle." The problem with these kinds of comments is that if you try to confront them about the insult, you will be accused of not understanding, "I didn't mean it that way" or of misinterpreting, "You must have a problem to think that. Sorry I didn't word it right to suit you." As a result, you end up looking like the bad guy, feeling frustrated, and asking yourself, "Am I crazy? Question: My coworker has on five occasions commented on me never being at the office.

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