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The racist and dysfunctional next-door neighbor is the abusive LAPD Officer Abel Turner who feels uncomfortable with the relationship of the newcomers and transforms their lives into Hell on Earth.

When i saw the trailer for this movie i immediately compared it to "pacific heights" which stars Michael Keaton and is a favorite movie of mine, i am not a fan of Samuel L Jackson i have never really enjoyed his work and the few movies he has been in lately including "the cleaner" did not help my view on his acting, so going into this movie i was determined i would not like it and i was wrong , the first thing i want to clear up is this isn't like the movie i compared it to, it deals with racism but from the other end which i have never seen before in a movie, And secondly Samule L Jackson does great in this role as a cop with a grudge, the story is more than what you would think and the trailers did not give anything away, it is not a complicated movie with twists but it is a movie that is different from previous films with this type of aim.

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A very entertaining thriller with great acting from its two leading actors.

I hope my review was help full and if you get the chance to see this take it, because it will not disappoint.

There hasn’t been a franchise from the positive side and the good side. VERA FARMIGA: A franchise, for me, is the chance to explore deeper characterization and, potentially, a slightly bigger paycheck, which is very alluring.

That’s brings an inherent, “Oh, that’s interesting.” We can dig into their relationship and spend half the movie on that, and then spend the other half on the family. I started off in television and continue to dabble in television, and I love deeper and deeper exploration of a characterization. And you know that, when you come back, nobody is settling for anything. We’ve got a director (James Wan) and producers that love to push us, and we push them.

And Wilson is an excellent–if definitely less beefy–choice to play Aquaman’s angry kin.

In California, the Caucasian Chris Mattson and his African-American wife Lisa Mattson move to a house in a gated community.the fact that i am not a fan of Samuel L Jackson yet i praise him for this role shows how much quality this movie has.Patrick Wilson also does a great job , he is a good actor and its a good warm up role for people to know his face in his next role in "watchmen". Kuip said something like, "We need to get him back." Wow I feel really bad for Bweez. Because Bweez famously got the final out, he was given the honor of raising the 2010 WS flag at the 2011 home opener.He’s made several animated appearances, most prominently as the main villain in the 2015 DC Animated feature, story arc–written in comics form by none other than DC’s Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns–then we are in for a pretty epic and massive underwater war movie.


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