14 16 year old dating - Pipix updating

I've an idea, why not in few weeks create a server based on The walking dead Series, with somes of this series location around the map, create a custom landscape and place the SGC and his Stargate in this map ?

Objectives : You start in a small spawn, with only a axe and some food, you have to find a small house to protect yourself, and you can kill ( with Mo'creature ) more animals, have a horse to travel faster around the map, create a clan, try to survive and if you want try to find the famous military base ( SGC ) to escape this world and go in a other world ( Mystcraft mod ) like a beautiful moutaignous world, or caves world? Nope, this is not the last update x)Many features have been added and... In few hours, or tomorrow, i'll repost the map REBUILDED and the mods in 1.4.7 ( just one mods is missing to update in 1.5.2 and its Red Power2 ! :) Sorry i'm VERY VERY late but my PC had some bug and crash !

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Update 14 March, 2017: Pir is released for Windows Store.

PEK's Productions is a small Swedish hobby project where I creates small and useful programs.

À partir de la version 1.6, Minecraft n'utilise plus le dossier /bin.

Le se trouve dans un nouveau dossier nommé "version".

C'est très embêtant car je ne peux pas installer optifine (donc mon minecraft lag un peu), je ne peux pas non plus installer pipix ( qui sert à installer des mods).

Je ne peux pas non plus acceder à mon fichier (je ne sais même pas s'il existe dans mon .minecraft).

30-NOV-03: Version 1.2 uploaded, fixing a bug which caused long disconnection times with some telescopes.


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