Podcast not updating on iphone sa iyo ng maagang pag dating

All the information about your podcast in i Tunes (title, descriptions, episode, cover art, copyright, etc.) is pulled from your RSS feed.

Thus, to change how your podcast is listed in the i Tunes store, you need to change the information in your RSS feed.

If there are no problems, you can click the “refresh feed” link.

Because many listeners use i Tunes for podcasts, these are common concerns we hear about from Podbean podcasters.

Here’s how to check problems with your podcast updating in i Tunes and what kind of timing to expect from i Tunes.

Click the "Podcasts" tab, place a check mark in the Sync Podcasts check box, select the podcasts you want to sync, and then click "Sync." If you still can't sync podcasts correctly, update your i Phone's software.

You can update the device either wirelessly or through i Tunes on your computer.

Please note, as Apple states, “If your podcast is approved, you receive an email confirmation indicating your submission review is complete.

Your confirmation email also includes the link to your active podcast.

Connect your i Phone to your computer using the i Phone's USB cable, and then launch i Tunes on your computer if it does not launch automatically.

Click the "i Phone" device button on the right side of the main horizontal menu in i Tunes to select it.

This would be in Feed Burner only if you're using the horrible “Smart Cast” feature.


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