Police fire dating site

Investigators believe that since her killing, Fleming may have reached out to someone else through the same dating website.

Detectives told Fox40that it does not appear that Douglas used the website since she met Fleming two years ago.

Then she broke up with him when he told her that his ex-wife had moved in with him, according to court documents.

It was the second woman’s ex-husband who told her he found out Spoor was infected with the HIV virus on the internet.

And police say Nancy Guy — who the man knew as Anna Miller — may have done this to other men.

Guy, 49, was arrested Thursday and charged with grand theft.

Meanwhile, according to police, Guy continued to come up with excuses as to why she hadn’t paid him back.

“[Guy’s] excuses ranged from being diagnosed with cancer to having a flood in her warehouse which she alleges destroyed 0,000 in dresses that she had made,” according to a report.

Before you start dating someone with this lifestyle, make sure to keep this in mind.

Founded in 2008, is part of the Dating Factory – a pretty large dating site network that, all in all, hosts about 1.5 million profiles.

Are you working in uniform and looking for like-minded singles?

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