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I decided to revisit the topic of Venus Williams‘ boyfriend not only because of the newly-launched WTA Players and their Boyfriends/Husbands series, but also because I haven’t completely followed up on the news regarding Venus’ love life.

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Rory Mc Ilroy Mc Ilroy is likely the most recent bachelor in the group, ending his engagement with tennis star Caroline Wozniacki just one month ago. Micheletti, moving on fast, wed ex-NHL player Mike Modano just one year after the breakup.

The young star moved on quickly by winning the European PGA Championship four days after the public announcement. Although he keeps a low profile off the course, it seems like this major winner is still seriously single.

And when you’re driving through the middle of nowhere with a dead cellphone, it’s really nice having a companion. As for golf, he was really good at yardages and reading greens.

We pretty much always agreed, and if I ever wasn’t sure, he was usually right.

He’d played on the men’s team in college, and our squads would sometimes practice together. The first time he asked me out, it was winter of freshman year, and we were hitting bunker shots inside the gym.

We played a game, and the bet was a date, and he barely beat me. In competition, whenever I would get into trouble and start freaking a little, J was a calm presence to bring me back down.When I first started playing LPGA Tour events, my boyfriend caddied for me. Flying to new countries, staying in hotels, dining in restaurants, going to perfect golf courses — sharing all this together was a thrill.When I wasn’t practicing, we’d see movies or find local parks to go hiking.In an email sent around by LPGA player president Vicki Goetze-Ackerman on July 2, players were warned that they would face a fine of 00 if they breached the new dress code which comes into action on July 17.The list of items now banned on from the course and at pro-am parties on the tour were listed in the email as follows: After the first transgression, the fine will be doubled after each subsequent breach, leading to Teen Vogue, accusing the LPGA of “slut-shaming”.Search: See them together Find: Watch videos of Palmer in his golfing days Greg Norman, who is nicknamed The Shark and won two major titles and finished second or tied for second at seven others, has been married three times.


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