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The study found that young, black, and male daters were the most likely to state they had no preference and were open to dating women of any race.

, they are relatively unattached to organized politics and religion, linked by social media, burdened by debt, distrustful of people, in no rush to marry— and optimistic about the future.

The data shown above come from the Facebook dating app, Are You Interested (AYI), which works like this: Users in search of someone for a date or for sex flip through profiles of other users and, for each one, click either “yes” (I like what I see) or “skip” (show me the next profile).

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The researchers’ focus was on the racial preferences of blacks and whites, with secondary concern given to other racial and ethnic groups.

So who was the most willing to online date outside of their race?

The visuals below shows a user’s racial preference of a potential suitor compared to the average user of any race.

The graphs below show the attraction “preferences vs.

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Flaton said, “whiteness equals all that is good, while blackness is all that is bad.” Ok Cupid’s research supports this claim.

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Unsurprisingly, most “yes’s” go unanswered, but there are patterns: For example, Asian women responded to white men who “yessed” them 7.8% of the time, more often than they responded to any other race.

On the other hand, white men responded to black women 8.5% of the time—less often than for white, Latino, or Asian women.

In general, men responded to women about three times as often as women responded to men. All men except Asians preferred Asian women, while all except black women preferred white men.


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