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The silverface Fender Twin Reverb was a very popular amplifier for guitar players, and it was the amplifier of choice for Rhodes piano players.So I sought yet another vintage amplifier, and also possible $$$ for the restoration efforts that go along with it.I turned to the Internet to do some more networking which resulted in a major turn of events as I met two individuals who have become instrumental partners in this project: Greg Huntington and Devin Riebe.

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We have recently (7 Aug) completed a "clean-out" of old listings in the Gearslutz Member Services directory.

Any & all listings that were posted more than 365 days ago have been deleted so that we can ensure the directory remains up-to-date.

Here's the exchange: Is the circuit or year code stamped on the tube chart in back?

No stamp on tube chart On lower right there is the number 010385 Pat # 2817708 That is all I can see Do you know the transformer #s?

Final inspection at the factory only verified that the amp made sound at all - quality control was nonexistent.

I would agree with this as I did audition a 1969 silverface Twin Reverb at another store, and it had horrible icepick treble sound, not at all tubey or fenderish.

Greg and Devin's experience meshed well with mine since I'm essentially the blackface/silverface amp guy (amps made between 19) in the group.

Additionally, Greg and Devin also had data that they had been collecting from Fender amps for years. Everything is confidential, we don't make record of who owns what amp in the database.

His particular area of expertise is in Fender amps made from about 1960 through 1967.

Devin runs Doc's Music in Springfield, Missouri and his interest lies in the woodie and tweed Fender amps made from 1946 through 1960.

During the rapid expansion of the CBS/silverface era, many inexperienced assemblers were put to work assembling tube guitar amplifiers.


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