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After a long and suspenseful pregnancy, the unmarried, thirtysomething heroine of "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd" gave birth a few weeks ago to baby Emily -- clearly the child of the black man with whom she had been romantically involved.

Never, perhaps, in the history of American popular culture has the birth of an illegitimate, mixed-race child been so eagerly awaited.

Molly Dodd has nearly single-handedly resurrected two Reagan-era victims: feminism and integration.

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Dorothy is completely against it, and Lorraine's mother is against the wedding because she doesn't want her daughter to marry a "skinny white boy".

They all want to stop the wedding, but then it comes out that Lorraine is pregnant and they accept it. I am just upset how they keep on dealing with different age relationships.

She had planned to marry the baby's father, but he died a sudden off-camera death from an allergic reaction in a Chinese restaurant.

The character's death, which precluded an on-air interracial marriage, may be seen as a comic cop-out, but Molly remains a significant social statistic -- a single white mother raising a half-black child.

She just died last month at 91, which means her real age wasn't far off from the Golden Girls characters ages at the time of taping, even though she was supposed to have been a caretaker to Blanche. Jonathan Newman, a "little person" who has a small role dating Rose for one episode. Newman when Dorothy opens the door and surprised by his size she famously asks him, "May I take your height... " Collins died in 1988 at the age of 46 when he suffered a heart attack as a result of rapidly growing from his short stature.

ALIVE: Brenda Vaccaro as Big Sally, the wife of Phil- Dorothy's never seen brother who enjoys cross dressing.

She rocked a raspy voice, an animal print at a funeral and her outstanding portrayal of a grieving wife who was not one bit bothered by Phil's eccentric behavior. Jenny has had a successful career as an Indie Rock musician but she started as a childhood actor.

She earned a Prime Time Emmy Nomination for this appearance. She played the bratty Sunshine Cadet Daisy who was accidentally given Rose's teddybear Fernando and when she was asked to return it, she wound up holding it for Ransom.

Thelma invites her favorite teacher to the apartment and while she is there she is fascinated with JJ's artwork. and the Older Woman" casts Rosalind Cash as Thelma's ballet teacher Jessica Bishop, who takes an instant liking to JJ's artwork, then the artist himself.


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