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It's your fault."For Reneca Logan and Jonathan Camillo, middle-school students in Boston, this troubling scene is only acting, part of a play called "Enough is Enough" to show teens the perils of abusive relationships.

But for other teens in all economic and social classes, such treatment mirrors some real-life dates, a secret at odds with their images of young love.

At least 1 in 8 teenage relationships involves abuse, according to the Dating Violence Intervention Project in Cambridge, Mass.

And in a poll by Children Now, 15 percent of girls between 14 and 17 said a boyfriend had tried to force them to have sex.

She took a year off to pursue her acting career, garnering stage experience in David Hare's Skylight, Arthur Miller's All My Sons, and several plays by Shakespeare; she achieved an Upper Second class degree in 2001.

Wives and Daughters (1999), and Love in a Cold Climate (2001), a miniseries based on Nancy Mitford's novels The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate.

To counter such trends, counselors, teachers, ministers, and coaches across the country are mounting dating-violence prevention campaigns.

On the premise that battered girlfriends can grow up to be battered wives and bullying boys can turn into battering men, they are using classrooms and theaters to help teens establish healthy relationships and leave abusive ones."Because teenagers don't know what the rules of dating relationships are yet and don't know what their own boundaries are, it's very easy for girls to get into relationships like that and very difficult to extricate themselves," says Rosalind Wiseman, executive director of the Empower Program in Bethesda, Md.

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She also appeared as a CIA agent in the pilot of the science fiction series, Seven Days (1998), and as Sarah Beaumont in an episode of the series Foyle's War.

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