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Hockey players must be able to control, pass, push, stop and hit the ball with a hockey stick. Keeping the ball under close control is called dribbling.

The head of a hockey stick has a rounded side (the right side) and a flat side (the left side).

Examples of the HECC stickers can be found on the Any player playing in a USA Hockey sanctioned event or league up to the age of 21 (Mites through Juniors) or any player playing in a high school event played under the Federation of High School playing rules must wear an HECC certified helmet and an HECC certified facemask, or an HECC certified goaltender helmet and facemask while participating in that event or league.

Players participating in an NCAA sanctioned event must wear an HECC certified facemask with a hockey helmet or an HECC certified goaltender helmet and facemask.

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FIH Rules Hockey Australia's Bluffer's Guide to Rules But If...

It is traditionally played on grass, but more often it is played on synthetic surfaces.

Two teams compete using 'hooked' sticks to hit, push, pass and dribble a small, hard ball with one aim in mind - to score a goal by getting the ball past the goalkeeper.

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Players participating in other leagues should review the rule book for their particular league to determine whether HECC certified helmets are required.

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