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Germany has historically been closely intertwined with Russia, and in recent years Germans have been intimately involved in helping Russia’s personalized power system to survive.

But, throughout the late 1940s and during his second term as Prime Minister, Churchill continued to grapple with Cold War issues.

The wartime alliance formed a peculiar bond between Churchill and Stalin.

Alliances were hardly a new phenomenon in European history.

The 12th September marks the anniversary of a crucial event in European History.

Churchill was fond of Stalin and enjoyed their interplay. The death of Roosevelt in April 1945 helped to extenuate existing fissures in the 'grand alliance'.

Churchill's General Election loss and the Soviets' postwar actions in Eastern Europe further stressed the ties and effectively dismantled the relationship between Churchill and Stalin.

The ratification of the Franco-Russian Convention in 1912 played a key role in dividing the continent into two heavily armed and opposed alliances, helped push Europe to the precipice of a major conflict, and tells us a great deal about the intrigues of early twentieth century international relations.

The Convention was a significant step in Europe’s eventual split into the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance, a key cause of the First World War.

Therefore, Schlieffen surmised that it was not necessary to defeat Britain , it was only necessary to ensure that Britain would be unable to utilize its strengths.

He therefore advised Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz to build up the German supply of war ships known as dreadnaughts.

Even though it was the most dynamic country on the European continent at the time, its late unification put it well behind the other European states in imperialistic activity. A quick German victory over France would lead to sequential, not simultaneous, fighting.


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