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The age of 12 is a key time in everybody’s life, and it is interesting to note that God has given us a glimpse in His Word into what a 12-year-old is supposed to be and the qualities he should have developed.

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One of the difficulties involved in parenting is knowing what you should expect from your children at various ages and stages of development.

Not only do you need to know when a child should be walking or crawling, brushing his teeth, or feeding himself, you should also be aware of when to expect certain character qualities to be developed in your children.

I define "emotional purity" in the same way that popular homeschool writers have: it is the idea of "guarding your heart". Shame because it sets a standard and proclaims that you are somehow shameful if you cannot keep it.

Which sounds all noble and righteous and everything but in this context is really just a facade for fear. You are considered damaged goods if you have fallen in love and had your heart broken.

Lon Stokes (based in Othello, WA) has extensively studied biblical courtship, and from his findings has prepared a class on Christian Courtship.

It is a 10-hour course organized in the CLST format. Craig Hill has written a number of excellent books on relationships, as well as several series of tapes.

Businesses owned by Christians are being targeted because they choose not to bake a cake or take pictures for a gay wedding.

Teachers in Lincoln, Neb., are being told to call their students purple penguins instead of boys and girls.

It somehow validates my belief that some of the teachings I grew up with were very wrong. Shame because sometimes you can't help but like one guy a little more than another.


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