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Alas, there’s a big difference between knowing something and living it. I was doing odd jobs for a living and losing faith in my ability to make it as a writer. I certainly didn’t want to be the 40-year-old guy trying to sell a screenplay.

Unfortunately, I had to make fifteen years of dating mistakes before I finally figured out how to have a happy relationship. I believe firmly that the road to success is paved with failure, and since I’d failed so prolifically and ultimately found my own way, I feel uniquely qualified to help others have success in love. One month later, I took a job answering phones at an online dating site called JDate. First of all, I was an avid consumer of the product.

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I have over 10 million blog readers, over 70,000 newsletter subscribers, and thousands of satisfied clients who find my take on relationships to be enlightening, entertaining and empowering. I later worked at William Morris and the final season of “Ellen”.

If you want to read my professional bio, click here. And without going into great detail, my inability to make it in Hollywood certainly wasn’t for a lack of effort.

Were there instances when you wanted to talk to a gorgeous lady but couldn’t because you were too nervous?

Is there are certain girl you truly desire but you are trapped in the friend zone and you do not know how to get out?

After thirteen years of coaching, I continue to take great joy in helping women understand men and create lasting relationships. As a writer who worked from home and disliked the bar scene, I believed firmly in online dating as a means of creating an instant social life.

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