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You spend the first few years trying to find your voice.

Erica Watson is an actress, stand-up comedian and film and television director. She has toured the country with her one-woman show Fat B—- where she addresses being a woman, struggles with weight and relationships. Recently she starred in Spike Lee’s Who are you and what do you do? After that you have to decide if you want to conform and “fit in” or do you want to stay in your lane and craft your own path.

I am Erica and I am here to make all of your comedic fantasies come true. You do not shy away when it comes to your weight, why is it important for you to attack it head-on? I mean, I know there are people who try to hide who they are, no matter what size they are. The size of me is there for everyone to see, so I just stand confident and know that my size, however, large is only a small part of who I am. Who would you say you have modeled your style after? I get compared to Whoopi Goldberg, Sandra Bernhard and Margaret Cho a lot.

Talk about how it has been navigating throughout the industry. But for the most part, I love what I do and wouldn’t change a thing. It’s worth all of the bull crap and politics that you have to deal with behind the scenes. But comedy is not a business you should get into if you do not have a true sense of who you are or are easily discouraged.

I try my best to make the right connections and jump on the right opportunities when they come my way.

will spotlight her own unique, sharp blend of hysterical insight and outspoken views, with rock-n-roll, cabaret, stand-up and a little burlesque.

“Sandra Bernhard is #blessed” also features Bernhard's band The Flawless Zircons, who perform with her at sold out venues in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and all points in between.

SD: I keep hoping it's some grand hoax, like in The Producers. It seems like he's someone some people really like, which is scary. This is not someone who wants to pull the country together. SD: I think that's more than enough airtime for him in this interview. SD: The show you're touring is called "Feel the Bernhard," which should resonate here in Bernie Sanders country. Every year when I finish my residency at Joe's Pub in New York, I put together a new show. And I've been doing my radio show, "Sandyland," for the past year, which really keeps me on my toes. And then, on the other end of the spectrum, I've had more famous people on, who I just have relaxed conversations with. It's also kind of incredible that your character was the first openly gay one on a network sitcom but didn't really get credit for that at the time. Neither myself nor Roseanne approached that character looking for accolades.

The bottom line is that he's completely ill prepared. He's a polarizing figure, and people are fascinated, even in Vermont. If you don't have money or that swagger, he's not interested in you. But it's been a chance for me to just be the way I am, which is spontaneous and relaxed. I like having people on who are downtown artists and not very well-known. Being on that show was nothing but a wonderful experience, from the time I did it to the fact that we're still talking about it so many years later. The reason I brought it up is that the show still holds up and has relevance, which is amazing to me.

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