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Some artists write because there is no other way – because for them the very act of living, searching and tending to their own souls produces music. In her distinctive voice we find an entrancing mix of spiritual hunger and old-world whimsicality – in her lyrics, an ever-present longing “reminiscent of Irving Layton and Leonard Cohen” (Time Magazine) – and on Metaphysics, her first recording in 5 years, production nods to Peter Gabriel, Dan Lanois, Tori Amos, Radiohead and yes, Gustav Mahler.

.50 /ticket ______________________________________________________ Certains artistes écrivent parce qu’il leur est impossible de faire autrement.

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Sarah slean dating

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Although perhaps best known as a recording artist, in addition to releasing nine solo albums and contributing to a variety of other artists projects as a vocalist, pianist and arranger, the two time Gemini and three time JUNO Award nominee has consistently refined her singular voice as an artist by expressing herself in a variety of contexts; as an actress, appearing in films such as David Mortons Black Widow (2005) and CJ Walliss Last Flowers, as a poet, publishing two volumes of poetry, Ravens (2004) and The Baroness (2008) and as a talented visual artist.

At a time when recording budgets are shrinking and album sales declining even the most ambitious of artists might be tempted to dial their aspirations back a notch.

It’s what I put on after a performance, when I’ve taken off my dress and makeup. 7 | My map of Paris After a particularly bad breakup in 2003, I went to Paris to experience its pure, unadulterated romanticism. 8 | My grand piano My parents bought me a 120-year-old Mason and Risch when I was 14 at the insistence of my piano teacher, Mrs. I’ve taken it with me to all my apartments—I even brought it with me to a cabin in the Almonte woods north of Toronto. The lesson is timeless: there is so much waiting for you if you’re willing to take the road less travelled.

10 | My diary I have all my journals dating back to 2000.They celebrate both the commonplace and extraordinary experiences (some welcome, some less so) of which our reality is comprised.Each record expresses those experiences in a very different way. There was ample opportunity to add instrumentation to Land, but overdubbing was kept to a minimum, and within a limited palette because I wanted it to sound physical, of-this-world, so you could sense the musicians in the room playing the song and almost feel them sweating.With the best deals on the choicest events, you will find yourself savoring all the live shows and sporting events you have ever dreamed of! Nothing beats the joy of watching your favorite music artist perform live!Sarah Slean's concert dates are out and fans are looking forward to the upcoming shows.Instead, with Land & Sea, Slean embarked on the most challenging recording of her career a double album that juxtaposes two dramatically different aesthetics, producers, writing processes, recording environments and musicians.


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