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One respondent said that was basically a scam and I have read that yes, they leave profiles up of people who aren’t there. Said one guy, “ Years ago I met someone local and had a great time. “It is a fake site that promises you people that do not exist. I see this as someone exploiting a weakness in others for their own gain a most despicable practice and they should lose their access to the internet for life.” Another said it’s “a totally fake site. It is just a money making sit that list people in Poland with big write-ups in English and unfortunately they do not exist nor is English spoken so fluently out here.” Other sites mentioned for no interaction are the sites “as not that many women seem to check their mail or are actually subscribed to those.” Zoosk….Just a money making racket,” said one and another guy said, “most emails are B/S, and you have to pay to reply. was called “a bunch of fakes.” I myself tried it to see how it worked and it felt like a sinkhole of extra charges and they bothered me constantly with photos of girls I wouldn’t be caught in the dark with. I think it’s expensive, it’s a pain to fill out the nazi-interrogation forms at the beginning and their vaunted algorithm has been proven to be phony. One guy wrote, “e Harmony – it is, first of all, horrendously expensive.But there are unifying themes: You may have received emails in your inbox with strange, unsolicited business proposals, perhaps asking you for help moving money in or out of Nigeria.

Scams dating stella adams nigeria

*also under dating scams* BEWARE OF DATING SITE SCAMS.

There are a lot of false profiles out on the dating sites.

I noticed answers came in from Australia, India, Poland, Indonesia and Ghana and I have marked those where it matters.

My goal here is to give you the best and up to date info on which sites have lots of available women, and which don’t, which are easy to use, and which, not.

The false ones are typically free member parasites and not usually paying members.

Many of the false profiles are harmless member stealer’s.The online dating 419 scam works in a similar way, though it's usually adapted to maximise the opportunity online dating provides, in these ways: We have found that the online dating version of the 419 scam tends to involve smaller amounts of money than the classic 419 scams, which usually involve millions of dollars. Here are some common examples: Or any variation on the above.The reasons for needing the money will sound plausible and reasonable. Do not be separated from your money - you'll never see it again, and you'll never see the person you sent it to.However, Nigerian dating scam (or romance scam), besides just asking for money for their studies, sick relatives, etc..usually involves this scheme: the scammers upload fake attractive photos, in most cases of white people.Usually they say to keep some money for your trouble.

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