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We had a couple of sets of twins and I think the mums were just like, 'D'you know what?

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England, United Kingdom and educated at the Highgate Wood School Arts College.

Whilst attending Highgate Wood School Arts College she was spotted by an agent in a production of Guys and Dolls in which she played the lead.

when he spots Ben starting to tell a lie he'll help engineer it so Ben digs himself a hole, and he'll encourage Ben to do stupid things...

Chirpy Beth works as a street team member for 'Diabetes Now!

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In the same year she also played the lead role in the UK film Panic Button and in the Channel 4 comedy Pete Versus Life as Trish, the girlfriend of Pete's friend Ollie.

In February–March 2010 she appeared in the play Slaves for the Olivier award-winning Theatre 503, London.

She is still acting and has had roles in prominent films such as Adulthood and Panic Button.


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