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(Better get fresh linens ready...) Believe me, I hear ya. But let’s put down our banners of fandom and look at this issue from a different perspective.

For the sake of time, I’ll only be mentioning some of the more well-known X-Women and Avengers. : While some powers that the X-Women have are formidable, many of their abilities send the wrong message to the reader.

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In the audience: Linda Evangelista (with then-boyfriend Agent Dale Cooper, er, Kyle Mac Lachlan), Juliana Hatfield, J Mascis, Zoe Cassavetes, Donovan Leitch, Ione Skye, Thurston Moore, and the Beastie Boys.

Cindy Crawford was also there with an oversize MTV microphone, broadcasting the proceedings for “Our friend Marc Jacobs just had a show down the street,” Coppola told Crawford, “and so we figured everyone could just come check this out.” She added — smiling gummily, cheesy PSA-style — “You, too, can do a fashion show.” That DIY ethos came through in every detail of the show.

" I don’t know ‘bout you But when I see ya I get caught up in ya glass eyes Bisque & all baby, you’ze a doll baby “Rosey” told me there’ll be thorns in the bush Seeds in the kush And a breeze for the push We rode it And made it to the slow dance Good lovin’, romance, true love & no plans We just livin’ [Hook] [Verse 2: Tuan X] I'm lovin' this monotony You're the only routine I'm cool wit' "Hydrangea" I know, I'm talking all this botany And even though our colors change w/ the seasons We've learned to stay true to our neoteny And word to me You always think I'm only rappin' bout sex w/ you It's only half the truth - lol Cuz whether it's in the streets or the nest You gon' have me screamin' out "Girl you the best!

Hyderabad: A case has been registered against the principal of St Patrick’s School in Chintalkunta, LB Nagar, for allegedly beating a Class X student with a stick for not carrying her school diary to school. Chandrashekhar Rao, has been booked under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act and also under Section 354 IPC (outraging the modesty of a woman). Venugopal Rao, assistant commissioner of police, LB Nagar, said, “We received the complaint from the student herself.

In moving fashion beyond the general grunge aesthetic at the time, X-Girl created a chic, preppy-esque look that has become so prevalent in the nearly 20 years since.

We were also interested in the community of creative people who were involved in X-Girl, many of whom went on to become super-famous, including filmmakers Mike Mills and Sofia Coppola, actress Chloë Sevigny and designers Wendy Mullin of Built by Wendy and Susan Cianciolo.

The troublemaker lies to the model student, telling her that the guy likes wild girls.

So the model student tries to turn herself into a troublemaker.

Started in 1993 as an offshoot of the Los Angeles men's streetwear brand X-Large, X-Girl was created by Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and stylist Daisy von Furth as a more fitted, cleaner answer to the baggy, skateboard-influenced fashions that X-Large made.


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