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His claim that he knew that he was actually talking to undercover police in both cases likely strained the credulity of jurors, who convicted him in the case of "Emily." After hearing testimony from a government evaluator who called Ritter a sexually violent predator, the judge sentenced him late last year to a prison term of 18 months to five and a half years.Fantasy defense succeeds in Queensland Had it not been for his two earlier cases, Ritter's defense might not have been all that far-fetched.

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Just from catching my 12 yr old on it because her friend told her about it.

A former Bloomberg LP employee’s supervisor was a pervert who looked down her blouse, gave her unwanted shoulder massages and sent her gossipy texts about other female staffers’ sex lives, according to a $5 million lawsuit.

My friends had heard of him, but we’re talking about a couple dozen people. What I’m trying to tell you is that it was always beyond the special taste. In the documentary , you describe arriving in New York and falling in with a group of mostly older, gay men. Your essays really resonate with that kind of banter. But you’re among the very few people who would notice that. And yet I’ll say something, and they’ll go, “No, I don’t remember that.” Partially that’s a result of the drug taking, but partially some people just accept what’s happening and keep going.

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I have routed my DNS through your services to block sites like this one because kids of any age can get on it and there is no identity verification...

I have blocked the site using my router but parents beware because anyone can pretend to be anyone and this is exactly what child sex predators look for.

Ritter didn't receive much public gratitude for his efforts to avert a costly and destructive war.

At first, the meetings took place in cars or out-of-the-way places. No crime." "I have your phone number and I will be getting your IP address from Yahoo and your carrier," the officer responded.

But everyone there is an asshole and thinks they compare to God himself, mods included. Everyone freaks out over bad rep points, and strives for that insane number of good rep points. Try to be literate, or you will get verbally raped as well.

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