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The premise was to bring original local bands together, give them a live platform, dj their music and talk about them.

We tried to be as inclusive as possible, encouraged publicity, which through quality, continuity and community, built a decent live music night.

Parkinson said that he was sad to be leaving the BBC but that he and the channel controller, Lorraine Heggessey, could not agree on a suitable slot for his show following the return of Premiership football highlights to the BBC One Saturday evening schedule.

He returned to the BBC in August 1995 to present a series of retrospective shows, Parkinson: The Interviews, featuring memorable excerpts, eventually presenting a new, revived version of his chat show on BBC One in January 1998.

However, in April 2004, ITV announced that it had "poached" the interviewer from the BBC from the autumn of that year.

If for any reason more than two people would like to visit at a time, you must arrange this in advance with the nurse in charge of the ward or unit.

Please arrange with friends and family to take turns if necessary.

If you want to contact the ward and ask for an update on your loved one’s condition please can one nominated person make the call and pass the information on to others.

We would ask that a maximum of two people visit a patient at any one time to help minimise the spread of infection and for the comfort of the patient and others on the ward.

I started Djing at the age of 15, went travelling abroad at 18, and through friends I’d met abroad, got caught in the cultural fishing net of Hull in 1992. In 1995, I started a Mod Revival Night on a Tuesday, which was pretty well received and had a decent following of mods, scoooter boys, punks and indie kids. M] The Sesh started in 2002 at The Linnet & Lark Public House in Hull.

I met my soulmate and comedy partner Deb, in the old Sydney Scarborough Record Shop in Hull around that time, and we’ve got three amazing kids who all love their music. That’s when Britpop had kicked off and by 2002, after struggling with cover bands in venues playing the usual Oasis and Blur hits, I knew there was gap for a lot of kids forming original bands in the city who were struggling to find a home to play and feel wanted in. The first few weeks and months it struggled, yet a scene quickly built amongst 20 odd bands and their mates.

That community angle had huge benefits as a pretty vibrant and tighter creative circle grew.


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  2. We have exclusive use of the upstairs bar area for our events.

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