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The fourth witness, identified as Sarah Dunsworth, is not a complainant but a friend of De Coutere.Both women met and worked as actresses on the set of “Trailer Park Boys” in 2000, becoming steadfast friends.On Sunday, June 25, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined thousands of citizens as he marched in the Toronto Pride Parade alongside his wife and two kids.

He stopped for hugs and high fives and truly showed his support for the community.

While President Donald Trump has refused to acknowledge Pride Month, Trudeau has made history celebrating equality.

“She doesn’t go out on a lot of dates and usually if she does go on a date, she will call me afterwards and tell me about it,” Dunsworth told police, according to a transcript submitted in court. She started by laughing and going, ‘Is this normal?

’ “And I answered like, ‘No, that’s – it’s really not normal.” Dunsworth said she asked her friend if she had slept with Ghomeshi and De Coutere said no. ’ and she said ‘it came from out of nowhere,’” Dunsworth recalled.

The familiar honking of geese in the far-off distance, mingled with the sights and sounds of a busy city.

It’s officially Fall and that's got us thinking about the cooler weather!

Prince Harry wrapped up his 14-day tour of the Caribbean on Sunday, but instead of heading home to Britain with his staff, the 32-year-old made a secret detour to Canada to visit his girlfriend, Meghan Markle.

According to The Sun, Harry flew from Georgetown, Guyana to Toronto, where Meghan has a home and films her USA drama Suits; a source told the publication that "Harry just couldn't wait to see her," so he ditched his entourage for the rendezvous.

Meghan and Harry have been quietly dating since June and, due to Harry's busy travel schedule, haven't gotten to hang out since mid-November when the actress traveled to London.

She took a private jet to the city and spent nearly a week at Harry's Kensington Palace home, Nottingham Cottage.

Dunsworth did not appear in court Wednesday due to weather issues on the East Coast,but her statements to police as well as emails between her and De Coutere were entered in as evidence.


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