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Each driver license office schedules driving tests differently.ays are “Black Friday” in support of the HHS football game!Our busiest times of the year are during Spring Break, summer and after all major holidays, while our busiest days of the week are Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

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Drake may be from Toronto but the Canadian rapper loves the city of Houston.

The “Passionfruit” artist recently announced the return of OVO Houston Appreciation Weekend event.

It wasn't sex per se, but it was its nascent beginnings.

While his classmates talked non-stop about which movie stars they thought were hot, eyed each other in the hallway, and made their first, awkward attempts at dating, Jay was left feeling distinctly out of the loop."I just didn't get it," he recalls.

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Please see the information on commercial driver license (CDL) requirements.The Texas Supreme Court also has forms that can be used for an uncontested divorce without children and without real property (house or land).Get the Texas Supreme Court divorce forms here: Texas Supreme Court Divorce Set 1.Note: The court must have personal jurisdiction over your out-of-state spouse to include orders in your divorce that impose a personal obligation on your spouse — such as ordering your spouse to pay a debt or pay child support.The form includes a list of situations that give the Court personal jurisdiction over an out-of-state spouse. Talk to a lawyer if none apply or you have questions about personal jurisdiction.Note: The Supreme Court divorce forms come with different instructions.

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