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His parents were Praxedis Saenz and Ydolina Lopez, both raised on early Texas ranches. For personal avocations, Andres taught Catholic Christian doctrine for twenty years and is a member of the Spanish-American Genealogical Association (S. Villarreal, who wrote "The Mexican-American Vaqueros of the Kenedy Ranch: A Social History." Most of these other writers pro­duced their works as master's theses at various Texas universities under the tutelage of professors such as J. Andres Saenz did not have the advantage of a college education.The state of Texas is divided into 254 counties, more than any other U. state, so you might think finding a local casual date in Texas could be a challenge!If there were such a thing as a textbook image of drought, then this could well be it.

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But now the region's beef herds are being ravaged by the worst drought on record – one which scientists are linking to climate change. No rain means no pasture and here in Chihuahua, an estimated 350,000 cows have died in the past 12 months, costing ranchers around 2.4bn pesos (£110m). Ismael Solorio is the third generation to run his family's ranch, only a few hours' drive from the Texas border.

But now, four years after inheriting the herd of 200 cows, the 24-year-old is desperate. They were so skinny I had to buy in pasture to put some meat on their bones, but it was that or watch them die.

I am proud to be associated with the writings of my tocayo (namesake), Andres Saenz of Falfurrias, Texas, and I have truly enjoyed my Dr. In my writing career, I have been asked many times for advice on publish­ing a book, and my advice is always the same, "First write it." Well, Don Andres Saenz wrote it, and his work was a unique . I can only imagine the obstacles this gentleman had to overcome to write his manuscript, but he completed it.

He has written a book that many others have proposed, tempering his chronicle with objectivity, compassion, and a rare insight. He pro­vided the Institute with an impressive set of manuscripts, the manuscripts that I have had the pleasure of editing.

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Andres Saenz is a scion of the two pio­neering Texas families whom he describes, the Lopez and the Saenz. Upon his discharge from the Navy, he returned to South Texas and worked twenty years for the Falfurrias auto dealership. vii .1 In 1997 Andres Saenz responded to a public announcement about staff from the Institute of Texan Cultures (ITC) coming to San Diego in search of documents, photos, and stories of the pioneering Tejano families of South Texas. My goal has been to make the narra­tive readable while preserving the original content, compassion, and liter­ary integrity of Mr. Andres Saenz joins a small cadre of other writers who wrote Tejano ranch history before him.

He was born on August 9, 1927, at the Rancho de Santa Cruz, in southern Duval County, Texas. This was followed by another nineteen years as owner of Falfurrias Auto Supply, Inc. Having developed a keen sense of history while a member of the S. They include Fermina Guerra, author of "Me xi­can and Spanish Folklore and Incidents in Southwest Texas"; Jovita Gonzalez, author of "Social Life in Cameron, Starr, and Zapata Counties"; Emilia Schunior Ramirez, author of Ranch Life ill Hidalgo County after 1850; and Roberto M.

So far this year, 26 of his animals have died from starvation. If it doesn't rain in the next month and a half, then the decision is made for me.

He estimates he has another six weeks for the rains to come in time to save the rest of his weakened herd. I will have to cut my losses and sell them all."Although famous for its desert, much of Chihuahua, the size of Belgium and Mexico's largest state, is covered by vast pine forests and extensive, scrubby savannah, which has been used to rear livestock since the conquering Spaniards first arrived in the mid-16th Century. Not much, but enough to produce meat as well as corn, beans and even wheat for the rest of Mexico. In the seven decades to 2010, average annual precipitation was 39cm in Chihuahua.

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