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Almost all the women we spoke to said they are constantly sexually harassed in public – by neighbours, bus and taxi drivers, strangers in the street - sometimes even by police officers and government employees.

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With a gentlemen's code to be abided by from its male users, Wango's CEO Julian Smida, describes the app as being "a safe haven for both sexes to engage in a conversation without the tagline of a one night stand temporary hanging in the midst of its opening chats." The beauty of Wango – other than it being a Lebanese based application – is that it forces upon an ecosystem of respectfulness, safety and comfort for users, with a focus on women.

Each man on the app starts off possessing a gentleman's badge which showcases his manners and respect towards the opposite sex; but female users have the ability to rip that badge right off by simply reporting that user to be ill-mannered or disrespectful towards them.

"The conversational ice breakers we offer in Wango lets the dialogue have a sort of taste, keeping it interesting for both the sexes while directing the conversation between both matchers to develop a sort of connection," Smida told Annahar.

Wango's mechanics are similar to those of Tinder's, with a simple picture preview with interest at the bottom which are all synced in from their personal Facebook account.

I hope to find a nice man for friendship, romantic relationship, still believe in real love, may be can be lucky in this life for seriuse relationship I am a Passionate lady with lot of talents. I even would prefer to change my job and country every three months: ) Coz I get bored easily.

ad-Dāmūr al-Hirmil al-Insariyah Alayh Amyūn Amzīt Ārsāl Ba'labakk Barr Ilyās Batrūn Bayrūt Bint Jubayl Inşār Jubayl Jubb Jannīn Jūniyah Kafr 'Aşş Nabatiyat-at-Tah̨ta Qa'qa'iyat-al-Jisr Riyāq Şaydā Şūr Ta'labāyā Ţarābulus Zah̨lah Zgartā i am simple honest person i love live and helping others i never had a serious or any relationship before i am new to this and i am risk taker but i think i know how to take care of a girl friend and…

I work in the accounting field, love my house like too much gardening, hunting and walking...

Only when I find mutual love I'mmy name is Pierre, I am Lebanese, like life at all levels.

They live in tents, abandoned buildings or rented accommodation because no new refugee camps have been set up.

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