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A person who previously was required to register under this Act for a period of 10 years and successfully completed that registration period has a duty to register if: (i) the person has been convicted of any felony offense after July 1, 2011, and (ii) the offense for which the 10 year registration was served currently requires a registration period of more than 10 years.Public Act 97-0578 explains further retroactive registration requirements regarding sexual predator offenses, and all offenses which have an exact effective date.

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Students and employees who retaliate against individuals who report Prohibited Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action.

Students and employees are strongly encouraged to report any/all incidents of sexual discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct to the Marquette University Police Department (“MUPD”), the Title IX Coordinator, or any Deputy Title IX Coordinator.

A pilot PALS program is being conducted for adolescents ages 13 -17 to gauge the effectiveness of the creative arts therapy with teens exposed to domestic violence.

Marquette University strives to provide an educational environment which reflects its Catholic, Jesuit mission and preserves the safety and dignity of its community members.

We often see that children affected by domestic violence take on parentified or regressed roles within their family, due to trauma and due to the non-offending parent having their power taken away.” –Therapist The New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women is expanding an established model program for children who have been exposed to domestic violence.

The Peace: A Learned Solution (PALS) program provides children ages 3 through 12 with creative arts therapy to help them heal from exposure to domestic violence.For more photos click here." src=" resize=300,199" / JEFFERSON — A preliminary report on the Fort Atkinson airplane crash that claimed the lives of two people on Aug.8 indicates that the aircraft was flying an unstable approach just before plunging into the Rock River.Public Act 97-0578 became effective January 1, 2012 which requires retroactive registration for sex offenders.A sex offender or sexual predator, who has never previously been required to register under the Illinois Sex Offender Registration Act, has a duty to register if the person has been convicted of any felony offense after July 1, 2011.“As Creative Arts Therapists working with children affected by domestic violence, we have found that including the parent-child dynamic as part of the treatment is vital.


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