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The youngster was sexually assaulted in the woods which run next to Foxwarren in Claygate, Surrey, on August 17.

Police have released an e-fit of a man suspected of attacking her described as an Asian male of 40 to 45 years old, 6ft 1in tall with a stocky build.

Consequently my mum refused to send my two sisters and me to a girls’ school.

It was a game of extremes with her as she went from a single-sex school to Imperial College London, where, she says, the sex ratio in the 1970s was about one woman for every 20 men. Would my sisters and I have been better off had we attended an all-girls school in the next town over, instead of our (very good) mixed comprehensive in Hertfordshire?

One of my mum’s greatest fears was that we would be “mollycoddled” in a girls’ school. One politics student at Oxford University says her schooling has had an impact on her relationships with men: “At the risk of sounding Victorian, I was very naive about men when I came here [to university].

The whole experience was frustrating in that you could never quite have the relationship that you wanted with guys - either because you didn’t see them enough, or because it wasn’t that accepted that girls and boys could really be friends, or because when we were around each other in groups, some people would act in quite an awkward and overblown way: as if they all knew how to act around the opposite sex, when really they didn’t.” She has noticed how single-sex education has led to some of her female peers to use boys to mould their sense of self: “There are some [girls] that I know who clearly are still drunk off the novelty of knowing boys, and have to collect boys like tokens.

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The deputy chief constable at the time, Nick Ephgrave, who now leads the force, told the meeting in September last year that the tactics had raised the rape detection rate from 6 per cent to 15.8 per cent in a year.

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