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Addressing “the nation of the cross,” the film’s narrator declared: “We swear to Allah, the one who disgraced you by our hands, you will not have safety, even in your dreams, until you embrace Islam.” Ethiopian officials said they would meet Tuesday to discuss a possible response to the executions, but it’s unclear whether the autocratic government could or would mount a significant retaliation against ISIS.

Meanwhile, the attack showed the Islamic State’s ability to continue to strike targets outside Syria and Iraq, and it came a day after Afghanistan’s president said the group was responsible for a suicide bombing at a Kabul bank that killed at least 33 people.

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A US aid organization has handed children in the remote Ethiopian village of Wenchi tablet computers in an experiment aimed at enabling them to teach themselves.

They are now speaking their first words of English -- without ever having encountered a teacher.

Last year the Independent Commission on Aid Impact watchdog raised “significant concerns” over the Girl Hub project, calling for a review on the merit of the funding.

Ministers said the £16million plan should be stopped unless it was shown to work.

Despite the country’s extremely poor telecommunications services and a largely disconnected population, Ethiopia is also known as one of the first African countries to censor the internet, beginning in 2006 with opposition blogs.[1] Since then, internet censorship has become pervasive and systematic through the use of highly sophisticated tools that block and filter internet content and monitor user activity.

The majority of blocked websites feature critical news and opposition viewpoints run by individuals and organizations based mostly in the diaspora.

The Ethiopian government declared three days of mourning after officials confirmed Islamic State militants executed at least 35 Ethiopian Christians held captive in Libya.

As with other mass killings, the terrorists on Sunday released a video of the murders.

Ethiopia continues to have one of the lowest rates of internet and mobile phone connectivity in the world, as meager infrastructure, government monopoly over the telecommunications sector, and obstructive telecom policies have significantly hindered the growth of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the country.

Coupled with highly repressive laws and tactics aimed at restricting freedom of expression and access to information, internet freedom in Ethiopia is consistently rated the worst in sub-Saharan Africa and among the worst in the world.

In addition, a number of diaspora journalists and exiled dissidents were targeted with surveillance malware, demonstrating a growing level of sophistication in the government’s effort to silence critical voices that extends beyond the country’s borders.


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