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The 51-year-old country music performer was a popular fixture at hotels and venues around South East Queensland and first befriended the boy's mum when the boy was five.

The boy, who cannot be named for his own protection, took screen shots of the conversation and showed it to his mum.

This work, and the others, hold their own subversive and subtle stories, asking the viewer to come close, read clues, and decipher what is being being told.

The exhibition is like a winter garden, an enclosed oasis telling private stories, with the sculpture, after which the show is titled, acting as a kind of reference point, a narrator.

The title of the show is suggestive, metaphoric, and too, the name of Güreş’ sculpture which rests on a rock within the space.

The work is a knit snake, rainbow patterns denoting its two heads.

The walls of the project room are painted in a soft hue and the window to the street draped, partially obscuring the contents of the exhibition.

It is at once solitary and public, revealed and concealed—much like the artist’s works themselves.

Nilbar Güreş (Istanbul, 1977) received a BA degree in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Marmara University, İstanbul, and then completed her MA degree in Painting & Graphics from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.


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