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Our original code partners with this OC system bailed years ago – all was lost. We may need to open up the OC just to get us through the next several weeks. You can read the details about all that on the two posts from back then here and here.

When going through files trying to patch up the NC aka New Chat aka Peeps Cams Chat – I came across some files I had transferred from an old chat server, which led me to our original first ever chat server. Finds old web page from way back in the day, hits refresh. Here are your crappy custom smileys and such you made forever ago. However, the OC code that was on a server when that whole server center got hacked – well I abandoned that code and asked our server security peeps to digitally shred all the files on that server and never looked back.

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While looking for NC files there, I remembered the file structure of that old old server and a light went off above me and I heard awwwwwww music, I was reminiscing about the OC and how I used to.. The old OC was on that old server, not the install files I needed, but it was running on that server before. The code I am now running with the OC – this code was sitting on a different computer, in a different city.

Even when I refresh everything and get in, I find it takes me like 4 minutes to switch rooms. I’ve also gotten enough feedback from everyone about the mv chat system that missing a few key features is making most people not want to use it.

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Onanuga suggests great ways to meet someone new, from social networking to volunteer work.

“It would be worth it, Rock explained, for nothing is gained in this life without sacrifice and work.” The three needed little prodding, as they had lived with Coach Cofall’s glowing descriptions of campus and life as a Notre Dame student and football player.


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