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SM Entertainment scouts also discovered Lee Min-woo at a student dance competition in which he won the 1st place and Kim Dong-wan on the street. The six-member group was named Shinhwa and had their first performance on March 24, 1998, singing "해결사" ("Resolver") on KM Music Tank. The album spent approximately 24 weeks on the charts.

Kim Dong-wan was initially interested in acting but joined the band after seeing a preview video of the existing members. Before the release of their first album, Eric and Andy were first introduced in 1997 as rappers in fellow SM-managed group S. Their debut album, which included "해결사" ("Resolver"), "으쌰! With the success of Only One, Shinhwa won three awards that year: the SBS Gayo "Popularity Award", the KMTV song "Bonsang Award", and the "Popular Singers Award".

LOL this 'they broke up and got back together so frequently that we don't know their current status' definitely beats the previous 'we're on vacation, so call us back later...' Shin Com definitely wins the best official statement release!!!

Shinhwa‘s Eric openly answered the questions he was asked in regards to his dating history.

Fellow Shinhwa member Hyesung added, “During that time, it was very shocking for an idol to reveal that they were dating.” MC Yoo Se Yoon added, “I was heading towards my office after drinking one night and saw a car stopping.

Even though it was near the streets and it was bright out [making it easy for people to spot them], Eric still dropped off his girlfriend nevertheless.” Eric explained that he doesn’t like to hide things, and is very open when it comes to dating.

Ever since Shinhwa left SM Entertainment, the group had fought a long legal battle that also involved Joon Media to win the trademark rights for the band name "Shinhwa." At the height of the battle in September 2014, the band had to rename the agency Shinhwa Company as Shin Com Entertainment SM Entertainment recruited Shin Hye-Sung through auditions in Los Angeles, California. because of his parent's objections based on his young age. However, they were accused of being another copy of H. It debuted at number one and was the band's first number one album.

The company grouped him with Andy Lee, who was not able to join the agency's previous boy band H. Not long after, Eric Mun joined the group upon returning to Korea after his years in high school in California. "), and "천일유혼" ("Sharing Forever"), was released in following May. It contained three successful singles: "Only One", "All Your Dreams", and "First Love".

Yoon Jong Shin added that after his past girlfriends have all gotten married, Lee Min Woo hasn’t been in a scandal since.

When asked if he doesn’t want to date a celebrity anymore, Lee Min Woo replied, “If possible, I would like to date a non-celebrity.” The MCs quickly told Lee Min Woo to ask Kyuhyun for introductions, since Kyuhyun is known on the show to have an eye out for non-celebrities.

MC Kyuhyun mentioned that although the guests of this special all had small eyes, it didn’t get in the way of their dating life, especially for Lee Min Woo.

MC Yoon Jong Shin shared that there was a rumor that if you date Lee Min Woo, you’ll end up getting married into a good home, making everyone laugh including Lee Min Woo.

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