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Once Firefox has downloaded an update, the Mozilla Maintenance Service gets permission from Windows to allow the update to be applied without requiring you to click yes in the Windows User Account Control (UAC) dialog.

Until that time, the service doesn't run so it doesn't use any computer resources.

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Determines how the browser uses RAM for cache.-1 (default): Automatically set size of capacity as a percentage of physical RAM0: disables the memory cache device entirely(n): Set the maximum RAM used to n KB. 0: Never use document's fonts1: Allow documents to specify fonts to use2: Always use document's fonts (deprecated)Note: In Firefox, this can be changed (between 0 and 1) via "Tools → Options → Content / Fonts & Colors → Advanced → Allow pages to chose their own fonts, instead of my selections above" (Firefox 1.5 and above).

True (default): Use memory cache, up to capacity specified in browser.cache.memory.capacity (if set); otherwise, use a percentage of physical RAM (see bug 105344)False: Disable memory cache (same effect as setting browser.cache.memory.capacity to 0) True (default): Load and display "favicons" residing in the current page's site root directory False: Opposite of the above Note: This should be set to the same value as browser.chrome.site_icons for legacy reasons. In Sea Monkey, the corresponding setting is Edit → Preferences → Appearance → Fonts → [√] Allow documents to use other fonts True: Use colors specified by OS to display documents False (default): Opposite of above Note: In Firefox, this can be changed via "Tools → Options → Content / Fonts & Colors → Colors → Use system colors" (Firefox 1.5 and above).

However, coding a subquery often sacrifices readability, plus, as I mentioned earlier, there is no avoiding executing at least two statements and coding more than one statement means two MERGE INTO To Merge Table AS T USING (VALUES (@Key Field,@Field1 '-1',@Field2 '-1', GETDATE()) ,(@Key Field 1,@Field1 '-2',@Field2 '-2', GETDATE()) ,(@Key Field 2,@Field1 '-3',@Field2 '-3', GETDATE()) ) AS S (Key Field, Field1, Field2, Update Date) ON T. Key Field WHEN MATCHED THEN --UPDATE UPDATE SET Update Date Field = Update Date WHEN NOT MATCHED THEN--INSERT INSERT (Key Field, Field1, Field2, Update Date Field) VALUES (S. The entire solution is encapsulated in one statement. It's no mystery that higher levels of abstraction often lead to speedier development and better code maintenance.

So, there is no separation between statements and no need to run more than one statement. A single statement means the code executes in the implicit transaction.

Note: Setting this to "true" will prevent "Imported IE Favorites" folder from being deleted where applicable (see bug 22642).

The order in which to sort bookmarks in the Bookmarks Managerdescending (default): Unsortednatural: Alphabetically, A-Zascending: Alphabetically, Z-ANote: In Firefox, this can be changed via "Bookmarks → Organize (or Manage) Bookmarks...

For example, the code can be modified to use a temporary table and a correlated subquery to the temporary table data matches something in the existing table.

Again, the coding improvements are technically correct and more flexible. Field2, Update Date) OUTPUT $action AS Changes Made; Later in the article I'll explain what each part of the statement does, first some general thoughts.

Note: This can be changed in Firefox via "Tools → Options → Content / Fonts & Colors → Colors...

→ Link Colors → Unvisited Links" (Firefox 1.5 and above) and via "Edit → Preferences → Appearance → Colors / Link Colors → Unvisited Links" in Mozilla Suite and Sea Monkey. True: The root folder has been created False (default until import complete): Create the root folder (unless we're using dynamic bookmarks - browser.bookmarks.import_system_favorites), and then set this pref to true. True: Enable a "live view" of system bookmarks which is read-only False (default): Opposite of above.

A progress control provides feedback to the user that a long-running operation is underway.

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