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Sky Q is one of our favourite home entertainment services of 2017, and it's set to get even better with some massive Sky Q updates.

Here's all you need to know about the new features coming to Sky Q in 2017, including how to get the current update.

Once the screen updates, select "Customer Services" from the menu.

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Sky digibox updating system software

Sky may change the wording of these options, but the concept is the same.

You will be asked to select your TV by brand and model number and you will be given a short code to input along with all relevant instructions.

Not only that, but all 124 Premier League matches can be viewed in Ultra HD. My original Sky Q review follows below: To some, Sky Q is something of a fossil in a world of modern multi-screened streamed services, such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

After all, who wants one-way satellite broadcasts when you can just connect to the internet, click and watch whatever you desire, whenever you want?

Sky Q is the top-tier offering from the popular broadcaster, which delivers the full range of Sky content including films, sports and shows.

The service's USP is its multi-room streaming feature.

All early boxes except the Pace Javelin feature dual SCART outputs, an RS232 serial port, a dual-output RF modulator with passthrough, and RCA socketed audio outputs, as well as a 33.6 modem and an LNB cable socket.

A Video Guard card slot, as well as a second smart-card reader are fitted to the front (these are for the Sky viewing card and other interactive cards).

It wasn't long since we were gifted the ability to record six channels at the same time, but Sky has gone one step further, offering some welcome upgrades to our Premier League viewing, only for Sky Q customers.

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