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We began a journey which led us to our engagement yesterday. Ravi and I connected instantly and talked for 5 hours. One month later, we met on an ordinary Saturday in Indiana.

We never imagined we would come this far with each other from meeting through a simple app. I might’ve fallen for him right then but I was cautious. The minute I walked up and saw him, I knew there was something special about this one. I’m so thankful that my heart knew who to love from the very first moment I met him. Our first picture together was this selfie on the hike up to Runyon Canyon to see the Hollywood sign.

Rai, who has a background in acting and media production, jumped at the opportunity.

RELATED: ISA Launches Digital Film Shootout to Find the Next Internet Star “Through our conversation she started telling me that she wanted to get in film as well and I'm like well I'm already doing it so you know we can totally work on some stuff together,” Rai told NBC News.

It was just fantastic.” For Mutta, the meeting was like a stroke of inspiration.

For years, she wanted to make a film about the dating lives of South Asians in Canada, a story she’d seen very little in mainstream television or movies. “I'm like who is going to give a brown girl from Brampton money to shoot a film on brown girls dating.” But as soon as she started talking to Rai, Mutta realized she finally found her main character.

Queer and Trans South Asians are an incredibly vibrant set of communities often underrepresented within the landscape of South Asian communities.

There is a rich history of community organizing by Queer and Trans South Asians, with (a radical cultural festival held in Toronto in the 1990s) as one clear example of this social justice work.

Community members have been fighting against racism within broader Queer and Trans communities which results in explicit anti-South Asian sentiment (for example, through dating website), as well as structural erasure of the complexities of intersectional identities.

: In 2005, community members as well as the Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention critiqued the AIDS Committee of Toronto’s (ACT’s) Fashion Care theme “Bollywood Cowboy” for the disrespectful use of religious imagery, for not consulting with South Asian communities and for relying on exoticization and stereotypes.

Khush Kahayal: the Newsletter of Khush South Asian Gay Men of Toronto was published beginning in 1989 (issues from 1989 to 1997 are archived and found at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, in Toronto).


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