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From its start Mind Lab has embraced an iterative approach of rapid prototyping and testing to evolve not just their government co-creation projects, but also their organizational structure, describing their 14 year journey as an organization as being defined by six different stages or “Initial projects were quite experimental for the time.As Lykketoft puts it, “it was like throwing a grenade into the system.” For example, they used art installations to popularize citizen rights in taxation.

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How terrific would it be if there existed a speed dating dynamics of social gathering with just a bit more structure; something that romantically eligible individuals would want to attend, but that would also permit data collection and experimental control?

About a decade ago, a rabbi in Los Angeles named Yaacov Deyo provided the answer: In speed-dating, romantically eligible individuals attend an event where they have a chance to meet all the attendees of the sex that they romantically prefer.

Abowd, Aruna Seneviratne, speed dating design method Thomas Strang Eds.

Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, While the user-centered design methods we bring from human-computer interaction to ubicomp help sketch ideas and refine prototypes, few tools or techniques help explore divergent speex concepts, reflect on their merits, and come to a new understanding of design opportunities ways to address them.

Replicability and other features of a high-quality science: Toward a balanced and empirical approach.

The method is based on narratives and storytelling, and participants are the only one who hold the interpretative keys to decode the metaphors and stories kept in their model.

We present Speed Dating, a design method for rapidly exploring application concepts and their interactions and contextual dimensions without requiring any technology implementation.

Situated between sketching and prototyping, Speed Dating structures comparison of concepts, helping identify and understand contextual risk factors and develop approaches to address them.

But at daying party, there are many uncontrolled factors that weaken internal validity.

For example, not all romantically eligible people have speed dating near chertsey chance to meet one another, and dyjamics people can get cornered for half the evening stuck in a dreadful conversation.

Video: Speed-dating and the social relations model [Download Article] [OSF Data Files and Scripts]Finkel, E.

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