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I did get yes from 9 other guys, but they were the ones I wasn't interested in. And the guys who went to the 42-56 speed dating event the week prior and showed up for the 26-42 speed dating event I went to. Imagine this interchange at happy hour at a local watering hole: R: Hi.

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Which brings me back full circle to needing a bigger circle of friends…

I think it’s time to take a long break from speed dating.

If you are unfamiliar with Speed Dating, this is where single people spend a few minutes with a potential romantic interest over coffee, dessert, or some shared activity (one recent speed dating event for farmers had folks weeding a field together) and then they move on to the next person.

Though lasting a bit longer, some churches offer a sort of speed dating experience to unchurched members of their communities.

However make sure that you are not faking it or coming precariously close to a leer.

Be natural and sincere and your date is sure to be charmed by your smile.They invite them to events such as the upcoming Community Thanksgiving or Christmas Caroling.The visitors are hustled through the event and then leave, hopefully with a nice feeling about the church.Speed dating allows couples to check out the chemistry in three minutes flat and on a regular night, you might be able to clock as many as forty dates.But since time is so short, it is crucial that you make the right impression on your speed dating partners.Speed dating is one of the hottest trends in today’s social scene.

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