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time to be single — flying solo can actually make you healthier — but something about the warm, sticky summer air paired with the general lack of clothing makes everything feel sexier and more relaxed than other times of year.

It's also a great time to put yourself out there romantically, whether that's by downloading a few too many new dating apps or checking out singles events to meet people IRL."Schedule social events that have to do with meeting singles so you practice in person interaction," Raeeka Yaghmai, Certified Dating and Relationship i Coach and Founder of Dating with Confidence, tells Bustle.

As well as browsing the rare pop-upbooks on display visitors will be invited to symbolically fill an “empty bookcase" with symbolic “books” by donating money to the UNESCO literacy projects in South Sudan.

A big, pink love cake, red candles and thoughts from philosophers and writers created the ideal atmosphere for the Friday-evening event at the Social Sciences Student Union, one day after Valentine’s.“It’s very hypocritical to take foreign students and kick them out immediately after graduating.

Thanks to Pierre Dethorey the world will see an ILAB Pop Up Book Fair in Sweden exclusively dedicated to pop-up books!

An amazing idea and another great event on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day 2015!

"is a great place to start, as well as speed dating.

Look for activities that you are interested in like hiking, dancing, wine tasting, meditating, etc.The power of love in the air can certainly circumvent the power of law.But it remains to be seen whether it will influence its development.The problem is, people tend to get stuck on the sites, messaging back and forth into infinity, too shy to ever suggest meeting face to face.This was something I’d found myself during my little foray into internet dating last summer; I informed more than one hapless dude that I wasn’t in the market for a penpal when he hedged about meeting for a drink after approximately eleventy billion emails.They liked the idea of creating something that was fun and social, that got people out from behind their computers and chatting to actual humans in a bar.


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