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Speed (Up)Dating provides short and snappy 3-minute updates on a wide variety of topics of interest to Mc Gill staff who support students (including, but not limited to, advising, academic, student services, student affairs and frontline staff).

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-pm: Coffee Icebreaker -pm: Haiti “speed-dating” The goal of the event is provide an opportunity for those working with Haitian partners to meet others at Mc Gill doing the same.

I had long admired the provocative photographs, ranging from Legos on crack and Byzantium anthill to beautifully ugly.

At this early hour, I was lucky to be able to roam undisturbed among the interior connecting plazas.

Image via Proliferations The relentless material singularity of 354 prefabricated concrete boxes cantilevering in multiple directions makes me dizzy with pleasure.

Outside, it's overcast, foreboding with rain, yet this Brutalist complex begins to emit a yellow glow between narrow window slits as residents awake and raise their shades to St. Photos by author With private terraces, multilevel units, gardens, and partially-covered walkways, Habitat 67 was a victim of its own success.

February 9, 2017 Starting at pm (will go until around /pm)Thomson House Ballroom Get out of your lab or study carrel, put on a nice shirt, and meet some people! )For you get a drink and get to meet a lot of people in a short period of time. This is event is exclusive to PGSS members Singles only, please see our other great networking events such asthe PGSS Trivia Nights. It's like musical chairs, the difference is, when the times up, you move over to the next seat to meet the next person.

(Don't worry; just tell everyone you met in the library!

You'll progress from table to table until each participant has had a chance to meet the other.

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