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(Helpful when living in a high-density area.) Over 80 years ago, Fred Anhalt, a previous butcher turned designer & builder, moved from Minnesota and built a number of these castle-like structures in Seattle before the big Great Depression hit.

He had wanted his multi-family rental units to really feel like a home, so included aspects such as privacy and a sense of community, and great amenities such as fireplaces, soundproofing, hand-carved wood detail, even electric dishwashers—highly unusual back then.

Being such a young city compared to those located out east, Seattle doesn’t have as many historic apartment buildings.

But two years ago, the Anhalt Apartments at this location won a award.

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This Anhalt Apartment building was an example of his mature work, being the 2 to last building he completed before the economic downturn ended his company.

Seattle’s AIA (American Institute of Architects) chapter posthumously awarded Mr.

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Counted among the hundreds of missing Washingtonians reported over the years are dozens who vanished under suspicious circumstances who have not been found.

The 24 apartment interiors themselves were revamped to now meet today’s modern style.

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