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I need to find a way to get the ID and increment it and be sure no one else managed to get the ID also before i increment it. TDcreate procedure Get Next Order ID(IN :user CHAR(8)) RETURNS( nxtid INTEGER) AS BEGIN DECLARE :nxtid INTEGER; SELECT Nextsysdocid FROM Oenextsy FOR UPDATE; SET :nxtid = Nextsysdocid 1; INSERT INTO Oenextsy (Nextsysdocid, Recuserid) VALUES(':nxtid',':user'); RETURN :nxtid; END; I say semi bogus because i also get an error if I put a : in front of it.

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Therefore, before we insert a new row into tbl Papers, we need to ensure that it’s going to be unique.

Now open two new query windows and insert the following query text into both of them: In SQL Server 2005/2008, READ COMMITTED is the default transaction level - we’re being explicit about using the SERIALIZABLE isolation level, however.

I am using Pervasive 9.5 windows server (via Linux ODBC client) and have a situation I do not know how to handle.

The app I'm working with has a table with one record in it.

If an active transaction is holding ownership on this record (via explicit locking or by a normal optimistic write-lock) the transaction attempting the explicit lock waits for the outcome of the blocking transaction and, when it finishes, attempts to get the lock on the record again.

This means that, if the blocking transaction committed a modified version of this record, an update conflict exception will be raised.

In this case we know which queries caused the deadlock, but we could’ve gotten the same information using the profiler.

Database Locking: What it is, Why it Matters and What to do About it Justin Callison, Principal Consultant Peak Performance Technologies Inc, Introduction "Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster." Sun Tzu (The Art of War) Database locking is a varied, evolving, complicated, and technical topic.

The reason we’re going to use the SERIALIZABLE isolation mode is that while READ COMMITTED is the default mode in SQL Server, whenever you create an implicit transaction using Transaction Scope, it’s using the SERIALIZABLE isolation mode by default!

Now, observe what happens if you run two queries concurrently in the following order: What happened here is that the two transactions get locked up in a deadlock.

That is, neither one of them could continue without one of them giving up, as they were both waiting on a resource the other transaction had locked. Isn’t the usual trick to make sure you perform actions in the same order, and you’ll avoid deadlocks?


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