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Reports Back Jeremy also sends out a paper newsletter twice a year to all households across the constituency. Invited by the patients forum at Stafford Hospital to assess modest plans to install a bedside telephone service for patients, Mr Deighton, a retired government adviser, decided to carry out an inspection of hygiene standards.

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His intention was to address fears that germs could be spread from one patient to another via a telephone handset, but what he discovered when he visited the hospital's Accident & Emergency department in late January 2006 was of far more pressing concern.

"It was absolutely disgusting," he told The Sunday Telegraph.

"CONMEN are scaring Midlanders into parting with tens of thousands of pounds to buy bogus wills.

Trading Standards officers say they are dealing with an "increasing number" of complaints from people who have been duped.Now you can read and post messages as often as you wish.Email Newsletter Jeremy sends out an email newsletter regularly to keep interested constituents up to date with the work he has been doing. The company has resurfaced trading under a new name and has made leaflet drops in Stafford offering cheap Wills.This comes after warnings from Staffordshire trading standards in the Birmingham Mail 5th June 2010.Since most of the records were handwritten, they were at the mercy of the clerk.


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