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Many thanks Chris (July 2016)Dear Old Tools Order received.

Stanley's Bedrock planes were the top of the line bench planes that Stanley Rule & Level Co. Bedrock planes were first introduced around 1898 and production ceased in 1943 with the start of WWII.

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This type study is based on the premium bench planes manufactured by Millers Falls.

As such, it will not be particularly helpful for the study the firm’s economy and mid-quality planes.

Both were made by Chevrolet, both are cars and but what a difference. This # 607 C Corrugated Bedrock Jointer plane is an early round side model. It has the 2 line Bedrock cap making it a type 4 from 1908 - 1910.

Stanley's Bedrock planes had a unique frog design milled flat to match the bed of the plane. The rest of the plane shows a lot of use and it has never been cleaned or worked on. The japanning is near 90% or better and looks great. This is a Type 1 / 2 Stanley Bed Rock 608 C that dates from 1898 - 1999.

First model Bedrocks were numbered 2 thru 8 and only the 3 line Bedrock Cap and frog design distinguished them from the regular line of bench planes. It has the proper 3 line Bedrock cap, round sides, 1 screw frog adjuster and low front knob of a type 4. Everything else about this fine 607 jointer plane is Like New / Fine and all original. He applied his trademark coat of clear lacquer to protect it from rusting and put it in a glass front case he made for his collection. The type 1 / 2 Bedrocks had the special new mated frog design but were numbered with just a single number.

Stanley soon changed their numbers to be the 600 series to set them apart form the standard line of bench planes. Over the years the Bedrock name on the lever cap changed from a 3 line Bedrock cap, to a single line Bedrock, then to a short lived 2 line version. The other distinguishing feature of these early Bed Rocks is that there is a milled out area where a patent date that was in conflict with a competitors patent was ground out. It has been lightly cleaned, and has a rich dark patina. A previous owner did scratch his name on the side with an electric pen.

Note: An example of a type 3 bench plane in the original box with the sales receipt inside has been observed on an online auction site. The changes in fittings and finish found on the type 3 were likely the result of war time shortages. Since the change marks the return to an earlier design, a new type designation has not been created for these planes.

The post-war era also marked the return of brass adjustment nuts and brass attachment nuts for tote and knob.

The holder consists of a captive lever cap, which is fastened to another casting that pivots at its bottom, located above the tool's mouth.

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