Stop flash from updating

Note: The Firefox Software Update feature does not update installed plugins.See the Adobe Security bulletins and advisories page for information about security and stability issues affecting Adobe Flash Player and other Adobe products.

For more information, see Plugins (like Flash) are blocked on some sites by default.

There are three different types of Flash Players: an Active X version for Internet Explorer, a Chrome version built into the browser and a plugin version for Firefox and some other browsers.

Adobe's Flash Player has always suffered from a never-ending stream of critical vulnerabilities that expose Mac and PC users to malware and other security risks.

Vendors like Microsoft and Apple have had to work continually over the years to keep up with security fixes.

I found this info from a comment by Stephen Pohl here: remove Adobe's scheduled task, just go to 'Execute Deferred' and in the line 'Execute Installed Program Install ...

just add '-au 2' so the 'Command Line Arguments' line will be:-install -msi -au 2Thank you very much for reply Adilrathore.On these infected or compromised websites, cyber criminals will display a pop-up box stating that you need to updated or install a piece of software.The text for the “Please install Flash Player Update (Recommended)”pop-up is: If you click on the “Download” or “Click to install now” button, instead of installing an update, you’ll agree to download an adware or a malicious programs onto your computer.The “Please install Flash Player Update (Recommended)” pop-up ad is a social engineering technique, which is to trick Windows users to install adware or a potentially unwanted program on their computers.The “Please install Flash Player Update (Recommended)” pop-ups happens regardless of the web browser or search engine, and if you are seeing a pop-up from a website saying that a “Please install Flash Player Update (Recommended)” is required, then your computer may be infected with adware or a potentially unwanted program.The Adobe Flash Player browser plugin lets you view video and animated content in Firefox.


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