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This time, there is absolutely …"His last so-called anal sex scene with Anthony Romero may or may not have actually included Cody Cummings having actual anal sex, but this time, let there be no doubt. FINALLY: Cody Cummings fucks and gets fucked, hard, in a new gay anal sex scene with Joey Hard.Watch the preview of Cody Cummings’ FIRST anal sex scene ever below!

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Cody Cummings has taken a lot of heat for not living up to the high standards and expectations that come with being a gay porn icon, but now it’s time for the haters to eat some major crow as Cody Cummings gets fucked for the first time.

But don’t take it from me–watch Code Red yourself and witness Cody Cummings’ bottoming debut with your very own eyes.

If there is a guy that is not nude or not masturbating you can always ask in his chatroom how many tokens you would need to tip to get him naked.

This might cost you some money, but you will get an intense gay porn show.

In all my panic, I could not hear the slithering across the dirty floor but even if I had, my fate would have been the same. I could literally feel each vein on the giant cocks as they worked their way inside me and spread themselves out.

At first, I felt a tickling sensation at my ankles and then I felt the same weird sensation on my wrists. Then I heard something fall from above me and some moonlight suddenly appeared above me, giving me some light to see the horror I was in. It felt like they were making baby tentacles inside of me. I began vomiting the stuff back up almost as fast as it was getting poured into me.

Many were disappointed with Cody Cummings’ last hardcore homosexual anal sex scene, “Shadowkiss,” because there were no close-up shots of the actual anal penetration, but this new scene, “Code Red,” leaves NOTHING to the imagination.

Having just watched the full scene, I can honestly tell you conclusively and without hesitation that Cody Cummings once and for all finally does insert his raging hard cock into another man’s asshole, and yes, Cody Cummings allows another man, Joey Hard, to insert his raging hard cock into Cody Cummings’ unbelievably tight asshole.

Trust me, this is what Cody Cummings fans—and fans of quality gay porn in general—have been waiting for their entire lives.

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