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That's how many shows based on dating sims do it, with the rest only following one girl's "path" while the girls become secondary characters (see , though, isn't going to do it that way.

Instead, the show is going to play it straight, with each of the six girls getting to be the main character.

She takes it upon herself to convince him otherwise and to find a way to save him... Swaggering forward with a rose clenched firmly in her teeth and her fedora tipped low over her sunglasses, Romance Detective is here to solve the case. She's finally close to locating the goddess of rebirth. She has to complete seven tasks if she wants to do so. Most of the country is uncivilized, a chain of city-states, yet the isles on the other side of the sea have been colonized. She's a second rate witch who dropped out of magic school.

This is game 1.5 in the Magical Otoge series, an interlude between Ciel and Melanie. Ciel is a princess who has never been allowed to leave her kingdom. No murders or deaths in the sweet town of Lovebloom, however. It may be difficult, but she'll come to find it maybe even harder. Socrate's great-great-grandfather is not born yet, but art is flourishing and the Odyssey a scholar classic. One day, she gets a visitor from her school days--the supremely talented Odette.

Don't spend 10 minutes explaining how Susie and Bjorn Borg met... As much as I enjoyed the first episode, if I need to drop a show for time reasons, at the moment .

That was also based on a dating sim, but it invented multiple male characters to pair up with the various females, so the entire story was told at the same time, if that description makes sense.

The new guy could never get a grip on his painful shyness (when people make eye contact with him, he curls up in a little ball of fear), which to my eyes has already hurt the show, just in the first episode.

Great, except for how it affects the members of the club.

Along with her loyal knight and bodyguard, she decides to follow her dreams of seeing the world. The Goddess of the Waves was a deity of modest powers, and an even more modest range of influence. Queen Caramela was raised by a fierce, unhappy woman, and lived under the influence of a deity of modest powers. Instead, Romance Detective (and her confused partner Romance Cop) tackles the case of the missing vase, which on the side is stamped proudly with a giant heart. By the end, she'll have to ask herself: who is she really? Many conceptions about Ancient Greece are already true, but much more are not, for the best and the worst. Irritated, Mira gets into an argument with her and ends up accepting a challenge to make a love potion.


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