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This has little to do with Bruce Willis, who was at his peak with Tony Scott’s has Willis stepping into the role made famous by both Toshiro Mifune and Clint Eastwood as the hired gunman who gains or displays his conscious and destroys two rival gangs by playing them against each other.My review of all these films on Blu-ray after jump.

You don’t need to shriek at the frozen moon through a howling snowstorm, but maybe you need to gaze pensively into a lake that’s gathering frost around the edges.

The album ranges from powerfully depressive to furiously harsh, always maintaining a distinct sense of forlorn abandonment, as if a ray of sunshine is just outside your desperate reach. 10/1/16 (Stockhausen) Haar/Ur Draugr – Haar/Ur Draugr (split- ATMF) [Black Metal/Weird Death] Stream I don’t know what it is about black metal and ugly death metal that works so well together, but I am all for these splits we’re seeing lately.

But when he quits, for her and for himself, she doesn’t mind getting together with him. Past is past; and a stripping job on one’s resume is not something you can’t get over.

And we’re guessing this is what And from the looks of it, Jenna is lucky.

Let’s cut to the chase; we already know why we’re all here.

Stockhausen, Dubs, and I have grabbed four bands of very different flavors of metal to represent the best of the best this week, so be sure to check those out during your daily grind.

FFO: Bal-Sagoth, Obituary, Summoning 10/2/16 (W.) Vanhelga – Ode & Elegy (Talheim Records) [Black Metal] Stream Vanhelga has made the perfect album for this time of year.

The air is getting cold but not yet frostbitten, and the clouds obscure the sun but don’t quite swallow it.

The whole stripper at a bachelorette party thing isn't my thing, and I fail to see the turn-on in paying someone to take their clothes of you.

And no, I’m not fond of strip joints, whether they are for guys or girls.

He was already in a long term relationship with Mimi Faust and the two share a daughter but once he and Joseline became closer and closer, he had a desire for her.


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  6. We cannot in the 21st century just watch and see such a barbaric act against our common heritage, as it belongs to all humanity," Bokova told The Anadolu Agency. Bokova also emphasized another crisis: the lack of education for young Syrians.

  7. “Our hope is that each person that’s here will be bold and brave and introduce themselves to someone and find something that they need and find ways in which they can assist others,” said Griesbach.

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